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    There is no way you can do case management if you don't have the clinical experience. For one, case management gives you autonomy. If you don't know what really happens clinically in any one disease or injury then you can't possibly develop a plan of care or direction, you can't possibly discuss treatment with the physician and make recommendations of treatment if you don't have the knowledge/experience to do that. (It won't take long for a physician to realize you don't have the knowledge or the experience and they will eat you alive). Case management is considered advanced nursing because you have to be able to think critically and there are a lot of people depending on you for recommendations of treatment if you work in the work comp or disease management field. With work comp you frequently are working with attorneys and you have to know what you are doing. Sorry for being so strong but I've been in case management for 15 years and I had 16 years in the hospital and it has been hard working as a case manager.

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    Congratulations on your retirement from the Air Force. Thank you for serving our country all those years.

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    I think it is up to you to decide what is best. What is your conscious saying? It appears that she didn't understand the vein in which you responded and that certainly needs to be cleared up in a judicious way so as not to offend her further. But some nurses you will work with will be hard on you and some will be genuinly be intersted in your growth as a student nurse. She may have thought you were not sincere and was flippant. Most nurses particularly in the ICU arena have strong personalities and have to work at controlling the way in which they say things because it can come across wrong very easily. I've been one of those. I have had to learn some very hard lessons on controlling what I say and how I say it and pay attention to my voice and tone when I am speaking. Wisdom and care is the key. :innerconf

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    Quote from BETSRN
    If your aunt is an RN, she should be able to figure this out. I don't mean to sound rude, but she shold know this.

    The number for the TN Board of Nursing is (615) 532-3202. I wish you the best of luck. klsteele

    I hope I posted on the right space. My post is not the first one. klsteele

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    I am klsteele and I am happy to join a network of nurses. I've been in the nursing industry for over 25 years and have been a RN for 16 years. I am going to back to get my BSN at an online institution and love it. It is sooo much easier than the first time in nursing school. I have worked in the hospital for 16 years and am now in the case managment field in workers comp. I am presently waiting for an opportunity to get out of the work comp arena and back into the clinical arena.
    I live in Nashville, TN. where the weather is crazy. 60 degrees one day and three days later 20 degrees. I look forward to conversing with some of you.