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    I have been on LTD since 2004 when I worked at a mental hospital. I have pain continuously with depression and anxiety. Many traumatic events have happened in my life and now I have a codependency issue and don't know how to handle it. I am going to counseling but today I blew up over so many things and got so angry I felt like I was having an out of body experience. I have done research and am trying to get better. Please has anyone ever gone through this. How do you get better and enjoy life again?? I am tired of hearing my family say I am crazy...

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    Quote from Thunderwolf
    Uhhummmm....I get the impression that folks are going under the assumption that the original poster "is impaired" by the very nature of her taking a "prescribed medication", which in this case is a narcotic.

    Geminiskittels, are you impaired "mentally" from the medication...the key word here is "mentally impaired"? If not, if it is a legally prescribed medication by your doctor and you perform your duties no differently from your cohorts, your employer may be jumping the gun. If you have documentation that it is a prescribed med, and even with a dirty urine "for opiates" (because of the med), the release of your services may be unwarranted. I would check with your nursing board. If you are impaired mentally from the prescribed narcotic, you may then need to talk with your doctor in looking at other medication alternatives. Taking a narcotic medication in an appropriate fashion does not equate to addiction or mental impairment. Hope this helps.

    waynesbororn- Recently I was employed by the state and if you write down all of your medications when they do your urine and drug screen they will let you work. Not until I recently went on Duragesic 50 did I need to stop working. That was because I couldn't work at nights ,because my vision and thoughts were impaired at night. They would have let me work if I had not been on restricitons from my Doctor for lifting and not being able to provide patient care and could have worked my shift. Yes, the RN is responsible for you but if your DON and other office personnel let you work I would think that would fall on them. When I took Vicodin I felt that my judgement was not affected and did the work that I was responsible for.

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    Bless You. I have had many days like you are talking about as an RN. It is very hard to try and stay focused and remember the real reason that we went into nursing in the first place. The rewards we get are from the patients definitely not from our coworkers. I have been blessed by the Thank You's of my patients and their families more than anything else. My husband doesn't understand and many of my coworkers are just as nasty back so its hard to talk to them about it.

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    Quote from Nursingangel
    I am a LPN student in a small town which also has a RN school. The RN students continusly look down there nose at us. When we get to the clincal sight we jump in and do anything we can to help and learn, but the RN students will say, " We don't wipe butts or give baths that is what LPN's are for." They don't care if the nurse they are working with is a BSN and is "wiping butts" they are to good.Even there instructers look down there noses at us. They assign the RN's students there pts. the night before and so the pick the most intresting pts for them, and then if a new pt is brought on the floor they try and take them too. If the charge nurse on the floor does not stand up to them for us our instructers have to step in and fight for us to get a pt. It is not right that we end up getting stuck with the grunt work and they get the best learning experiaces. The thing about it is that the staff nurses tell us that they would much rather work with us for these reasons. I just don't understand there attiude we are ALL STUDENTS!!!! I mean because they are going for the RN and we are going for our LPN is there really that much differance in the clinical setting we are all JUST STUDENtS and all must learn essancially the same things!!! It also really burns me up that when it comes down to it on graduation day I will have alot more clincal experance than they will! but yet they are to good to "wipe a butt." I hope that when we are both working on the floor as graduates they don't expect me to do there grunt work for them. I also work for HCA, and will have my on pt to do total care on. I hope that the wake up a smell the coffee.

    I am so sorry that you are going through such a bad experience. In LPN school and working afterwards I learned a lot more than an RN learns in nursing school. I knew how to draw blood and start IV's. The other students in my class learned how to do these things on my arm because it was not taught in class. I am a person that used to worry about everything someone said. Then I decided that God knows when someone degrades you and puts you down and if you don't take good care of your patients. He see's everything so why should I worry, It is still hard to forget but, God is greater than that. I used to get the worst patients to care for ,and the meanest. I went to the hospital one shift and got my assignment and every told me you won't want this man. He is mean and cuss at you and will throw you out of his room. I went into his room and he started cursing. I said to him "Sir, I would arrpeciate it if you would not use curse words in front of me. This was one of the nicest patients I had ever had. Approach and attitude are both important components in nursing. I have been a DON, ADON, Supervisor, Coordinator and so on. Best of luck to you.

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    Quote from DeniseLPN
    Hello nurses!

    I have been discouraged lately...I feel like I am constantly fighting off the stigma of being "just an LPN." When people ask what I do, I always say I am a nurse....they then want to know if that means "RN" and of course what hospital do I work at???!!!!! I work in a clinic and have been an LPN for several years. UGGGHHH!!! Anyone else have this challenge?

    Dear Denise,
    I used to be just a LPN. I went back for my RN and am very sorry that I did. Many, many of the LPN's or CNA's that I know are very competent and some more so than RN's. I would rather have them take care of meif I were sick than some of the RN's. I know how you feel and it would make me angry. I started out as a NA and am proud of that, please be proud of what you do and who you are. It is how you feel about yourself that matters.