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    SLM is Self Learning Module. Thank you for the resources. I will check them out.

    Quote from purplemania
    what is SLM?

    One way to set up competencies is to start with the job descriptions. Read books by Robert Mager on how to set objectives (there are websites too) and do evaluations. His books are easy to read and not expensive. Check with the Board of Nursing regarding competencies. Also, check out these sites:

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    I am not a staff educator, however I am called upon in my capacity as a clinical expert to do staff development, e.g. SLM, competency assessments and so on. I could use some advise from RN educators to this non-educator on the best way to go about handling these request. How on earth do I go about setting competencies?

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    There are so many things that we are learning about asthma, non-atopic vs atopic, RSV bronciolitis and wheezing. It is an exciting time to work in asthma care management. One of the interventions that we under use, in my opinion, are the asthma camps. Most local American Lung Associations have a camp where children can learn about how to be a kid with asthma, be with other kids that have asthma and be medically supervised. The research indicates that children who've been to asthma camp have better clinical and utilization outcomes.

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    HI all, I am an asthma care manager. I take care of patients and administrate the program. I am frequently called upon because of my clinical expertise to 'teach' asthma. I have been asked to teach nurses, establish competencies, do SLM, and teach physicians and RNPs! My MSN is in nurse administration - so I am taking a nurse educator theory course, to hopefully make me competent! I look forward to learning from you