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    I'll be starting in January i believe how is it so far?

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    Quote from J Mac, RN
    Hey Always Smile,

    Did you get interviewed for Med/Surg Orthopedics?
    Hi J Mac, RN,
    Sorry for my late reply - Yup, I did interview there.

    Congrats to those who got job offers What a huge accomplishment and best of luck! UCLA will make great nurses out of you

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    Hi everyone,
    for those that interviewed for the med-surg at SM, she said she's hiring 4. does anyone know when we're supposed to hear back? Thank you!

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    Quote from tubman
    hey thanks for starting the FB group, I just joined, too!!! so awesome.

    I just got a 'soft offer' on friday, and I haven't heard back from the UD or HR yet about start date or any other specifics. I JUST got an email asking me to interview for another job this friday, and I have another interview scheduled on monday. I don't want to cancel the interviews until I know FOR SURE that the UCLA job is secure. I've had friends who were offered jobs over the telephone and then it was taken back. then there's the whole 'budget' thing, and Ive been burned with that before. Anyone hear from HR or have any advice on that?
    Hi Tubman!
    Did you happen to interview with D.F.? I'm still waiting to hear from her.. but I guess I'm out of the running since I didn't hear anything. But all in all, i'm so stoked for you! Congrats !!!

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    Hi Tubman,
    I'm in the same boat as you - I interviewed on the 14th, but haven't heard anything back yet and I do remember them saying
    Call back in 2 weeks if we haven't heard anything. I was curious, who did you call to ask? (just the general HR department?). I have the unit directors phone number because she was the one I interviewed with, but I know it may sound stupid but I just don't want to bother her (especially if I was just supposed to call HR). Thank you !

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    Quote from Parlislon
    I wish it was already next week, the hardest thing is the wait...if we are only meeting with the unit director, and for 20 minutes, I wonder how much stuff we will be asked?? Can we expect to have a fast call back?

    I wish I had a crystal ball .......what are you doing to get ready?

    Good luck to everyone else!!!
    Hi! I had my interview yesterday and the flow of everyone's interview was different for each person. They are just general questions to get to you know (why nursing, past experiences..etc) but again, the flow kind of depends on who you're interviewing with and your responses. but, just relax and be yourself! it's not too bad

    also, the general answer seemed to be that we'll find out in two weeks. if we don't hear anything by two weeks, then we can call them and ask

    good luck!!

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    Quote from chiklet
    Hi,alwaysmile. It really depends on the interviewer/unit you're applying for. With mine, only standard questions like why nursing? why this unit? etc....but for some people, they were given scenarios,mostly prioritization....good luck!!!
    Thank you chiklet!! I really appreciate your help. I'm just going through this John Hopkins Interview Guide

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    Congratulations to those who finished their interviews what a huge burden to be done with!!

    If you don't mind me asking, were the questions about clinical scenarios? or, were they catered more towards learning about you? Thank you!

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    I was looking up to see how important Talent Plus is for UCLA, and I stumbled across this article written on 11/23/10:

    For our hiring practices, we use a Ritz-Carlton tool called Talent Plus. Ritz-Carlton has a cut-off of [scoring 75 and above on the Talent Plus survey] for hiring. We've gone to 90 and above. In the past, if a nurse had the [appropriate experience], the right specialty, good references, he or she would be hired. Now they also have to screen at above 90 percent on this talent interview that looks for really service-minded individuals. You create an organization where like-minded people are working together and believe in the cause.
    Taken from here:

    I didn't know they really scored you on it...

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    Hi everyone!
    I thought I'd chime in also..
    I too was waitlisted, but yet received a phone call in the evening to schedule an in-person interview on the 14th. I didn't do the talent plus interview nor the skills survey so I was a little surprised! But sure enough, the really sweet recruiter told me that I would be scheduled for one soon. It's weird how some of us are getting things done backwards but nonetheless, I am very grateful for this opportunity.
    I did the talent plus interview today and all I have to say is that I hope I didn't ruin my chances! I felt like I nailed some questions but other times, I felt like I was talking totally off topic or that my answer didn't make sense. Oh well, we'll see what happens!
    Also, in case you're wondering, I applied on the first day (10am), and have my Bachelor's but do not have my RN license just yet.

    Good luck to everyone and thank you everyone for being so informative!