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    GrnTea and TN Butterfly thank you so much for keeping us updated. I am so glad to hear ESME is progressing. Keep on ESME, can't keep a good one down...

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    Sorry to hear the news about ESME, I am drained so I can imagine how she must feel...

    My hope is "this too shall pass"! We really miss you ESME, of course my prayers are with you continuously.

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    Quote from tnbutterfly
    Although I have not shared any details, I just want you to know, Esme has been critically ill and hospitalized for several weeks. The updates I have been sharing have come from her sister. Esme has not been able to or had the strength to talk.

    I just received a WONDERFUL gift. Esme called me!! It was so good to hear her voice. She wanted me to tell you how much she loves and misses all of you. She has not been able to read this thread, yet. She will be very touched. I was so happy when I heard her voice. We were both in tears.

    She still wants prayers as she continues her long road to recovery.
    Whoo Whoo!!! Go ESME, and thank you so much for this wonderful news. You are an angel for keeping us updated.

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    Quote from tnbutterfly
    Yes....progress in the right direction. She still needs and wants your prayers.
    Thank you sooo much for the update, I kept coming to the thread hoping to see this. That prayer has been answered, and I know my prayers for ESME will also. Keep up the good fight ESME, you have lots of people rooting for you!

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    I am a patient sitter, something to help pay the bills while in graduate school. When I sit in a patient's room I have no problem doing whatever it takes to make that patient comfortable. For me it is a combination of wanting to help the patient in an embarrassing situation and also to help OVERWHELMED NA's and RN's. Caring for patients is a community effort, I am glad to be able to assist.

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    Quote from Emergent
    Another important aspect of nursing I failed to mention: in order to thrive in the profession, butt kissing is also a must. Ego stroking and brown nosing are very useful skills.
    Nooo, say it ain't soo...

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    Hope you get back soon, you are truly missed. Please know that your wonderful and informative posts have been very enlightening to a person who is not a nurse, ME!! My prayers are with you and your family. Hope you are getting lots of hugs and plenty of pampering.

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    This was very powerful. I am not a nurse, but I have seen a person go through a seizure. Your words brought back the images. Thank you for relaying it with so much compassion.

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    Quote from ShondaJ
    Sorry for any typos. This was very hard for me to write because my baby sister is my heart and she is like my daughter and her kids are like my children. It still hurts and it's been about 3 years since he has been gone now.
    Typos or not it was a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing that. I also wish this family would release this child and let her be at peace, although I believe her spirit has already gone. I am praying this family wakes up and smells the coffee. She is gone...

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    Thanks Hopes1 and Probitas, this helps a lot.

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    Quote from classicdame
    remember, anyone can read your profile, your name, your address, whatever you post
    I wasn't asking for any pertinent information, I just wanted a general understanding about what an appropriate group is.

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    HouTx, I am interested in getting contacted by recruiters, is the key to that joining LinkedIn groups?? That is not something I have done as yet. When you say "appropriate", I am curious as to what constitutes "appropriate". I am really trying to understand how to make the best use of my profile.

    Thanks for any feedback you can provide.

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    I also have a profile, and I am just as confused as you are about what to do with it.

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    Quote from la_chica_suerte85
    Is this what attorneys get paid the big bucks for? They take people and not only convince them that their version of reality is correct but get them to be fully immersed in it?
    I think that is what was meant by an attorney being a "reality force field". Some usually go with whatever reality wins them the case... The problem with my ex was our realities did not synch, so I understand the comment about attorneys...

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    Quote from kbrn2002
    Thought of another one. Nurses expected and actually got yearly raises. There were also more of us! News flash...there is indeed a nursing shortage, just not the way it is portrayed. There are tons of nurses looking for work, just not as much hiring as it is easier [read cheaper] to do more work with less staff.
    Hmm, is that the "cost of living raise" us non-nurses used to get??

    I am not a nurse, but I will say I have enough crust in me to be a COB. Crusty old bats are in every field!!!