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    Anyone here planning to do an MSc starting this October?

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    Quote from OCNRN63
    You called "her paleontologist"? I know I've had patients old enough to be dinosaurs, but you've got me beat.
    it made me laugh kindles/tablets come up with funnies

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    Quote from reprimanded
    I want to know what you found to be unprofessional about my FB post. Which part? All of it? Just posting about school related stuff is unprofessional? Using "ass"?
    Don't you have a social media policy?

    Read it please.

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    Two years experience is a good start for ICU. Make sure that you get a mentor. There are national ICU competences, PDN assists our new nurses with theirs. Hope you enjoy ICU x

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    Quote from loriangel14
    Even though we have aids,our charge nurse will still answer bells, toilet and shower patients and clean up code browns.
    All of the above, plus put the rubbish out and clean the floor (itu sister)

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    Quote from PMFB-RN

    *** You would think so wouldn't you? I also work at a VA hospital and while I find the standard of care there to be pretty good, they still engage in lot's and lot's of old fashinoned practices. like using real steel needles for drawing from vials and lot's and lot's of meds that need to be drawn up from vials.
    I work in the Uk and our ICU uses steel needles to draw up meds.

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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Not only should you address the problem,you should have a plan of corrective action and start putting that plan into place now.

    You need to be able to state what you are doing about the problem and what you will continue to do about the problem.

    Do not throw in personal excuses. No excuses. None.

    "This is the problem."
    "This is what I plan to do."
    "This is what I have already done, so far."

    And if they keep mentioning what you did wrong, just stick to your theme:

    "That was a problem, however, this is what I am doing and this is what I have done so far."

    Repeat that often as needed and remain unemotional.

    Don't say nursing is your dream and don't say it isn't.


    That is really good advice

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    Quote from skylark they build it any ol way so that it be can a conference center when the money runs out and the NHS sells it : )
    Rumour has it that the new build section of our hospital has been designed so that it could be turned into a shopping centre.

    I went over to the shiny new section and for once rumour might be right.

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    Quote from gitanorn
    "having a slash" which means "to pee"
    i work in the black country and it has a slang all of it's own, and i've never had a patient ask to have a slash. people have said that they 'need to go to ground' which was totally confusing when i first came here.

    we have a large phillipino community and they were offered lessons in the local dialect because it's confusing at first and difficult to understand, even english is your first language.

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    Had an interview today for an ITU band 6 and much to my surprise...cracked it! Am happy happy happy x

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    I seem to remember reading that in either the Sunday Post or the People's Friend - both Scottish publications - many years ago

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    We did have somebody working in our department who kept bragging about her Bsc (BSN) but was very evasive as to where/when etc. Having worked with her, I've often wondered if her qualifications were verified.

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    Our policy states 'no nail varnish, no acrylics' and yet people ignore it time and again. If it's policy then unfortunately that's that.