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    Thank you for the kindness!

    I do understand what you are saying, it is just very frustrating because my desire to be a nurse has nothing to do with money or status, trust me, being in Health Information for 20 years I see, hear and can sympathise with nurses as to how little most are truly appreciated but just having the fulfillment in you to know at the end of the day you gave your heart and a caring hand to someone in need....this is all I wanted to share, at a more hands on level.

    Again, life happens... I will move on from this and know that in the "behind" scenes position I have in the health care field, I do make a difference, and this is what it is all about!

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    I have been in health care for 20+ years, have always looked at my health care career as a passion more than just a "job". Becoming a nurse has been a passion and I took the courage to make my dream come true.
    Have gone through all of the steps to be accepted and was honest on application explaining that I do have a minor misdemeanor on my record, provided all of the legal documents and yes, admitted that this was an isolated incident and is not indicative of my character and I am by no means proud of this situation and have been fingerprinted/background checked through out my whole career.
    So, with this all said I was accepted into a nursing program, went and had my fingerprints/background check completed and several days later received a phone call telling me that I am on hold for continuing my nursing program and that it looks like the end of the road for me, due to the fact that my fingerprints will be mailed to the program and that in this type of case this is, that there is "something" on a background, misdemeanor, felony or whatever else can be on your record and this will keep me from doing any clinicals. Wow, nothing like feeling like the scum of the earth!
    Just frustrated, I was honest, not proud, happened over 7 years ago, have checked with my State Board of Nursing and was told that misdemeanors do not hold you back from becoming a nurse and depending on the type of felony someone may have, these too can be reviewed on an individual basis. Again, I have a minor misdemeanor, I am NOT a felon, I was wrong, it was a family issue, I paid my fine and went on with my life and my life has come to a complete STOP!
    I have reviewed the nursing program application over and over and I followed all of the steps regarding this manner. I know this is just a comment site and no one can give me legal advice, I'm not asking for that. I am a good person, I have been in health care for 20+ years and just needed to vent! Life happens....

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    Reaching out to anyone that may be attending Hondros (West Chester) starting in July....I am going through the process now and just thought it would be nice to connect with others in the same boat, before classes start. Also, would appreciate any feedback on current, or past Hondros students on personal experiences or some good tips you have learned along the way.

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    Go for it! I am your age and will be starting classes in July and yes, I have run through the same I selfish, how will my children handle this, how will I afford this, will I have the I'm sure you know the questions could go on forever. Well, I can tell you mine is a passion to become a nurse. I have been in Administrative Healthcare for almost 20 years and want to be more hands on with patient care and be a voice for those in need. I see it daily, nursing is a demanding job, and I have seen many of times when a nurse is disrespected, yet she seems to still smile and get the job done! So, if it is truly something you desire, don't let anything stand in your way! Best of luck to you!

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    Congrats! Best of luck to you!

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    Sorry....but don't beat yourself up! You can do it! Yes, I feel the HESI review book is worth the $. I failed math my first time I took the test...nerves, and the fact that math is NOT my best friend. I would suggest making flashcards, and also, is a great website. My life is busy, as I am sure yours is, but if this is truly the path you want to take you will succeed, try to allow one-two hours just for you and your studies on a daily will pay off! Good luck with round two!

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    Yes, you do make a difference! I have worked "behind" the scene in LTC for almost 20 years in Health Information. (I am in the process of working towards my RN and can't wait to keep making a difference in someones life.) Even though I am not hands-on with the residents, yet, when I walk onto the Alzheimers unit, there are several residents that I know recognize me and "communicate" with me daily and I know their day would not be the same if I wouldn't make that conncection daily, because my day isn't the same without them! So, stay positive and don't listen to anyone negative....just being in healthcare is making a difference!

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    I passed! I am so happy! Now I need to wait for my final acceptance. Thank you for the advice on the studying, is a great site and ratios and proportions are now my friends!

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    I have not been fully accepted as of yet, to Hondros in West Chester, I will find out at the earliest by the end of this week or have to wait until after the Easter holiday coming up. But, I can say that they present themselves well, and the accreditations can be verified. I looked into two other private colleges in the area and the reviews were not very good, accreditations could not be verified and I felt like I was buying a used car at one of the schools. I am not posting the names for public view, because these are my own feelings and I don't want to discourage anyone that may be attending these colleges and have a more positive view....I think it really depends on what is best for you and your schedule. My best advice for you is to go to visit more than one school, have your questions, get them answered and just make sure that the accreditations are in place. (NLNAC - National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission and Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education) Best of luck to you!

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    That is what I call dedication! I bet she has never been late or called off either...amazing!
    Gives me hope that I too will succeed in a nursing career. Thanks for sharing.

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    I will be taking the HESI math next week....failed first time around. Have been studying and do ok when I have the HESI book in front of me but I get so nervous when taking test and math is NOT my friend. I just keep thinking back to the math part of the test and am so nervous that I will forget everything I have been reviewing. I felt that my last math section was nothing but story problems....the worse.....and fill in the blank....yuck! Any advice on what I can do to pass this section would be greatly appreciated. I've been out of high school for 25 years and this is my second chance to be what I've always dreamed of being....I have to succeed!