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    Lets just say that it was awful.. I got stuck passing meds on 35 people on 6-2, and didnt even get finished with 8ams until about noon. Needless to say, the carts in this SNF are all totally disorganized, and I have to search for at least 10 meds elsewhere. I usually just dont do med pass, but started as documentation nurse straight out of school. On top of that, I did a 16 hour day! Anyways, hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

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    Our Leadership and Management Instructor told us to add a section titled "clinical experience"..

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    Hey all! I just got word that I passed my LVN state boards today, and Ive always wanted to join this site, but told myself not until passing my boards! Anyway, Just wanted to say hi to my FELLOW NURSES!!
    Ive learned alot from seasoned nurses on here, and other threads, and I cant wait to see where this career takes me! I eventually plan on going on to RN, its just not the right time in my life to continue school!
    So I just wanted to say hey to you all! Hope you all have had a good weekend!