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    A hospital I have worked in previously in Glasgow, Scotland carried out a bit of research on this. The Infection Control Nurse and IV training nurse carried out a hospital-based audit. The outcome was that an approved IV dressing should be used (e.g.Vecafix or similar) and this should be changed if any blood etc. contaminates it. We were also advised not to bandage IV sites to reduce contamination.

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    Originally posted by Mindy:
    This is a survey for an assignment for hsc
    please answer it is to determine the happiness of nurses and changes which are and have occured.
    1~sex m or f
    2~age (please specify)
    3~in what country did you recive your training?
    4~what made you chose nursing as a career?
    5~what do you enjoy most about the job.
    6~what do you dislike most about the job.
    7~to your knowledge do nurses get paied enought for the amount of work that thet do?
    8~"in the past nursing has always been a female dominated profession" how do you feel about males studying and becoming nurses?
    9~what does the word "nurse" mean to you
    10~could you see yourself working in any other profession? explain
    11~were do you think this job will lead you in the next 20yrs.
    3. Scotland
    4. At the time (and maybe a little bit now) it was fairly highly regarded as a profession. Didn't want to work 9-5 in an office and knew I could work with people and make a difference.
    5. Still the basics- making someone comfortable. Being able to solve problems, make descisions, be innovative and motivate those around me.
    6. The general lack of respect that some of the public have for us.
    7. No-not in comparison to other public service like the police and armed forces. We are very low paid for the amount of practical and academic training which we receive.
    8. Male nurses (because their isn't a lot of them) are ALWAYS promoted quicker than women. I've found that generally they are out for management positions rather than the 'nitty gritty'. On the other hand, however, I think they can counter-balance the backstabbing that goes on in a hospital environment.
    9. Professional-able to be an equal academically with the best of them! I DO NOT want to be associated with Florence and everything her handmaiden reputation stood for!
    10. Never-I've worked too hard in this one!!
    11. Hopefully to a more elevated position in the world of education, management or academia!!!

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    Reading your post reminded me of the "bad days" as a student. Keep going-even if you know you don't like this specialty. Learn as much as you can and face up to turning up every day (sometimes this is difficult when you feel low). I'm sure you can do it and when you qualify then the real learning begins!!!

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    To Irish777,
    I'm a Scots nurse qualified 7 years now and agree with Sian- never stop learning. In nursing you can never know it all and things are continuously changing. Always have the upper hand by having the most solid, research-based knowledge and take lots of time to gain the experience to have a great carreer. Good luck.