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    Quote from adidas99
    hey val.....I go to lakeland! I'm starting the second yr of it(well, i'm joining in since i got my LPN). Let me know if u need anything with classes. lakeland is gonna be about as close as u can get. olney's further than lakeland. I'm getting my ADN, and then gonna get my BSN at SIUE in time. no rush for it around st. anthony's. And u can commute there. Acutally have an RN i work with who just got her ADN thru lakeland, BSN at SIUE and alot of her stuff was done at kluthe, but thru SIUE. And another RN is working on hers. I think she only had to go to SIUE maybe once a week...if that. why would he have to leave his job because ur going back to school? message me if u want sometime.

    I have tried numerous times (probably over 20) to talk to a counselor at Lake Land. I always get voicemails, transfers to no where, and promises that they will send me information that NEVER comes. Here is my dilema:

    I am enrolled in 4 classes (Algebra, Intro. to Psychology, Intro. to Sociology, and Composition I) I am currently majoring in Social Work and then changed my mind. I want to be an RN. Someone on here told me that I could go to Lake Land and get my RN in 2 years as an associates. Does Lake Land offer that? And then I could get my BSN later. Is it hard to get into the nursing program at Lake Land? And would I even need those classes that I am enrolled in if I get my RN in two years. Isn't it strictly nursing classes instead of general classes? I figure the classes I am in now are only useful for the BSN!? I have tried talking to the counselors about it because I don't want to pay all that money for nothing. And since classes start the 23rd I am kind of running out of time! By the way, what is an ADN??
    I also called and asked for information about the CNA class because if it is going to be a year before I get accepted into the nursing program then I want to start working and getting experience.
    Any advice you could give me would be great!!

    P.S/ He would have to leave his job if we moved away because he works at T-Town and if we moved a couple hours away or something then he would lose it!

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    Quote from fotografe
    You can get it at Lakeland! Why don't you want to go there? ALso neaby is Milikin (much more expensive) and Parkland in Champaign, but you would pay out the nose if you went there since Lakeland has an RN program.

    After you get your RN you can finish the BSN at U of I in Champaign.

    Good Luck - Former Heart now on the East Coast
    I am going to Lake Land. I am going there to get my generals out of the way. I thought that is what you were supposed to do if you were getting your BSN. I was going to go to Lake Land for 2 years and then transfer somewhere (that is what I am trying to figure out) to finish my nursing stuff. Do I have this all wrong? I definitly want to get my BSN, but I was told to take my generals at Lake Land because they are cheaper and a lot easier at a community college since you get more help with your classes because there aren't a ton of students. The stuff I am taking at Lake Land is Pre-Nursing, it is an Associate in Science Degree, but it transfers to a 4 year college. I guess I need to find out what college I am going to attend now, because Lake Land says each school has different requirements.
    I don't know, this whole college thing is confusing!!

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    I am from Effingham and start my general education classes Aug. 23 at Lake Land College (community college). I was wondering if anyone knew where there is a college (fairly close) that I could get my RN. My husband has a good job and I don't want him to have to leave it unless it is completely necessary.
    If anyone can help that would be great!!

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    I am from Effingham and start my general education classes at Lake Land College (community college) Aug. 23. I was wondering if anyone knew where there is a college (fairly close) where I could get my RN. My husband has a good job and I don't want him to have to leave it unless there is no other way.
    If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciatted!!

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    I am going to school to become a RN and just starting my general classes Aug. 23. I didn't know if I should get my CNA when I am in the process of getting my RN or if when I get to nursing school I am already a CNA. Or is that something you have to do separate. Basically I am wondering if any of the classes you take to become an RN make you a CNA anyway!?

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    Thank you all for your help. I have decided to get my CNA through the junior college I am attending right now and then working at the hospital. All your advice really helped me in deciding what I should do!

    Thanks Again,

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    I have known my whole life that I have wanted to do something to help people, and I think that going into nursing is the answer! I have decided that I want to get my BSN to become a registered nurse. But that is just it, I am not really sure, and I feel like an idiot for asking, but if I get my BSN does that automatically make me an RN or are there other steps involved? I have had no experience in nursing. I of course want to get experience, I know that to work at the hospital near me you have to at least be a CNA, I just don't know how to go about getting that!? Does anyone have any suggestions to help me out?