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  • Jul 31 '17

    Quote from juleslevesQ86
    I just got hired for my first RN job on med surg tele floor in a residency program and they have put me on day shift 7a-7p. She said after my 10 week residency I can do nights if I prefer but they do need day shift. Nights pay 3/hr more. I have a four year old tho and I figured it'd be nice to see her every night. And oddly enough with where I live I'd be in horrible traffic with night shift unless I always took the toll roads. But I still need some input.

    Can any one give me the pros and cons of day shift vs night shift other than the pay difference? Or give me your own experience with either one or both?
    Well..I like the night shift don't have to deal with much/if any, of the patient's family, if the facility is in survey mode, you don't have to deal with the state inspectors (they come during the day), no dealing with upper management, just a charge. It's generally slower paced and easier to get all the work done. This shift you don't have to deal with all the other BS, it's just you and your patients and you're not being dragged around every-which-way!..(most of the time). You can focus solely on your patients and the work at hand and provide better care and less of a chance and getting fizzazzled and making a mistake, day shift burns me out, with night shift, I actually enjoy working. It's still a hustle & bustle but only this big (---), day shift is (-------)! Just got to find what fits you.