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    The above respondent is correct. You cannot become ceertified after you graduate. I forget the criteria, but it's something like 3 yrs. But, that's not to say you cannot get the books and start studying! You will have longer to prepare. I have taken ( and passed!!) both the American and the Canadian certification. I prefer the Canadian text book, which is available from the CANO organization. The material is quite intense and the exams are tough ( American more so that ours) but you can do it. Good luck in your oncology career. it's the best place to work ofd them all!

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    Hi there. I am a certified oncology nurse, AS WELL AS a patient who is presently taking injectable methotrexate and have taken it orally in the past. I, as a patient was given no precautionary instructions. I do the handwashing bit, but that's about it. As far as the injection itself, it has to be given under precaution at the hospital by a nurse.