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    Looking at returning to Travel Nursing. Been in Alaska for almost 8 yrs. My question is; Can you claim travel expenses, vehicle depreciation/maintenance for tax deductions? I plan on travelling in my truck and camper. Thanx for input.

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    I have and use an Iphone with multiple programs that come in very handy... My DON asked me about it one day(we also have a policy regarding the use of cell-phones) and she ended up with several "apps" as did I. Sharing technology can be benificial to patients. Now, that being said... I am not allowed to text or surf the 'net at work (facebook is VERBOTTEN!!!)

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    As a Supervisor, I agree that you have been "played"... I fully agree with gymnut... Be very careful around this one...

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    To me there is no better shift... Been doing them for 25 years... Or so...

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    Quote from ScottE
    Seriously, what is the ******* point? How can someone possibly screw up giving someone a bath? What, is somebody going to think "Oh the bar of soap goes up the ass and then I jam this shower head down someone's throat? Wet, lather, rinse, dry, seriously it's not that hard that a class period needs to be dedicated to it. I can understand the empathy part but come on, if you can't understand before this that someone may be uncomfortable having some random Nurse Aid/Nurse giving them a bath it is time to look into another career.

    Edit: For the record I would do it mainly because I don't give a crap, I'm just questioning what it actually teaches. It seems like a glorious waste of valuable classroom/lab time that could better be spent learning more complicated skills.

    It does teach things from a PATIENTs point of view... Not only did we bathe one another in our class, we also fed each other and brushed each others teeth... I learned a LOT from that day... The one learning that day, I believe now, was NOT the one giving the bath, it was the one recieving...

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    How do you make a surgeon taller...

    Give him Viagra...

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    Quote from ZippyGBR
    and that boy nurses are all homosexual ...

    When I told my Dad I wanted to be a Nurse, he asked "What!!! Are you GAY!!!" No... Just want to help folks a little...

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    While in HS worked in the hay-fields, took my first EMT test literally on my 18th birthday and passed it. Went to Paramedic school, obtained Paramedic certification, joined the Army, spent ten years as a Combat Medic, (coming home every two years to re-cert) got out, worked as a hospital-based 'Medic for about 5. Went into Administration as Director of E.M.S. for a small hospital for another 5 years. I got into an argument over patient care with an E.D. Nurse who told me "you are JUST a Paramedic, that is all you will ever be, you are not smart enough to be a R.N.", well... Emsboss, R.N. at your service...

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    "Cover me, I'm goin' in!" should NEVER go out of style...

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    Quote from BackfromRetirement
    The parent should be referred to the primary physician. This is between the parent and the MD. Chart the request and the referral.
    I agree with this statement... This seems the best way to remain diplomatic

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    Absolutely NOT!!!!... I am a male Nurse, but as has already been said, we ALL need to stand up for ourselves. If we make a mistake, own up to it, if the physician still wants to yell, have him/her go someplace private and do it. My worst experience was with a female physician; she told me she "would have my job" and I told her "you couldn't do my job." Disciplinary action followed shortly thereafter(for my response), BUT... I still work here and she and I get along fairly well now.

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    Thanx for your reply... I worked at St. Joes before they sold to HCA and left before Signature, so, am not sure of staffing ratios or anything like that, but, thanx again for the feedback.

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    OK... Here it is in a nutshell... I live in Alaska and work in a smaller sized facility... <100 beds, and may have to move to WVa due to my wifes families health. If I come back, I will be looking for a position in the "greater Parkersburg area" as an E.D., ICU, CCU R.N. I have been working the last 2 years as a House Supervisor, but have kept my hand in the E.D./ICU arena. Does anyone work at St. Joseph's/CCMH/MMH or in Charleston/Morgantown that could/would give me any type of advice(except RUN!!!) It will probably be late summer/early fall before I HAVE to move back so I am starting early to put out feelers. I actually own property in Wood County, so housing will be no big deal, and I am willing to travel up to 100-150 miles if the pay is good(I have a camper). THANX!

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