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    Hi there all.... yep I know it's been an age since I visited and posted on the forum but loads has happened so I wanted to bring you up to date with " nursing in Italy".Well the comitte finally agreed that I was a safe practitioner and I got a job working as a nurse in one of the biggest hospitals in Rome. Unfortunately the agency I work for couldnot place me in ITU, so I found myself in emergency surgery. This was fine, no probs with the work, type of interventions etc, but the practice! Oh my God. I cried every night I got home. Just to tell you the worst:
    The meds are written by the doctor, then the sister writes in pencil on a sheet of paper, then the nurse on the floor writes a list of the meds and often the next shift prepares the meds for the next shift. Often I saw nurses putting 3/4 drugs in one bottle of Na Cl! Patients questioned my practice when I gave them separately.We had patients on verapamil without cardiac monitoring and patients on nitrates which were disconnected ( often by the patients) to go to the loo!!!!! There were unlabelled syringes and no proof of having given a drug. We had no handover... just read a book of changes and every patient was a bed number. In every room there were 3 patients without screens or curtains and enough space to swing a small mouse. The docs did the dressings so you never got to evaluate the wounds of patients and when we washed the patients we used baby wipes and only washed their genitals! There are more things but I won't bore you.
    I stuck it for 4 weeks and then said " NOOOOOOOOO!" I left just before Xmas to begin a new career in the comunity where things are better but not brill.
    However, the weather is great, the kids are happy,the people are lovely and the summers are to die for so I think we'll press on!

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    Hi there Kiersta, sorry it's taken me a while to reply but here I am now!
    The best places to get information from are the " Ministero Della Salute" in Rome which is like the Department of Health and is responsible for recognising nursing degrees and diplomas. They have a really good web site available in English... just type in on Google and it's the first that comes up.The other place is your own Canadian Nurses Association I would immagine. When we were planning the move to Italy, I contacted our registering body in the uk and they gave me loads of info. They also had to furnish me with a number of documents for the Ministero Della Salute!!I had to have a verification that my training was consistent with directive blah blah, that I was of good character and health and that I was indeed a laureate.I would warn you that everything had to be translated..... officially with a consulate stamp aswell and I had to obtain a dichiarazione in valore (valuing my degree) from the consulate in the uk (where I did the degree) Unfortunately this took 4 months! After all this I now have to be scrutinised by a comittee before I can join the register to work...... but that's Italy for ya!
    In the major cities there are a lot of English speaking hospitals ie Rome and Milan. Where will you be moving to ? However it remains that a lot of your patients will be italian, most of the written documentation is in italian and I would therefore say that learning italian is a must.
    All that said, please don't be put off. It's a wonderful country and I'm sure I don't need to tell you how lovely the people are and well.... the weather!!Not to mention the food, wine ,ice cream....!

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    For what it's worth in the UK,where I used to work, myself and a group of colleagues worked with the acute pain team to set up an entonox service for chest drain removeal. As an inhaled analgesic that the patient controls, it's safe, easy to use, effective and economical. We did some research on patient response and as you can imagine it was very favourable. In the sample we had a couple of redo BYPASS patients and of course they could remember the agony of the drain removal from before so had a direct comparison.

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    Hi there all, sorry it's been a while since I read the posts. Well what can I say..... smoothly isnt the owrd that immediately springs to mind but I am almost at the end of the long process and soon I hope, I will be able to work as a nurse...... yipppppeeeeeee.

    I completed my degree by distance learning last September and we came to Italy in the October, consequently Ihad to wait until graduation and the issuing of the certs which was this Feb. Then despite EU agreements I had to send everyhting back to the Consulate in uk for translation and verification. The consulate were less than helpful, didn't undestand my degree and talled for 4 months. Finally at the beginning of August I could go woth all my necessary documentation to the Health Dept in Rome, which I did.

    I was very impressed because it took them just one week to ok everything and send me the papers for registration. Thn I had to travel a 2hr car journey to Rieti with the kidsto the local college for registration. Here I was told to "take these two forms and wait for a bill of 200 euros in the post. When I've paid I can register (by going back in person) and in order to register a board of people will have to take a month to consider my application!! Such is Italy...... still love it though!

    Luckily, I went job hunting early in the year and have been offered a couple of posts but now I have to wait until at least October before I can take any of them. At least I have job waiting for me. Otherwise life over here is great.

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    Hello all, I'm new to the forum but hope to exchange loads of info with everyone. My post is quite specific. I have worked in the uk for 14 yrs in ITU, but now I live in Italy. I would like to meet anyone who is currently nursing here in Italy. I hope to begin work at our local hospital in September but of course this will be my first time nursing in Italy.Would love to chat, exchange info and learn lots.
    I can speak and write italian so I hope this helps anyone reply.