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    Do you know why your pt is taking the med? Then a spelling mistake won't matter will it!?!

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    you are correct in that there could possibly be reasons why they could not leave. BUT, this is a NURSING site not a HOME MAINTENANCE (forgive spelling). I be a very, sorry ebonics slipping out, caring soul. but if I posted a question pertaining on the proper way to housebreak my llama . . . . whatever, just you some common sense . . . sorry.

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    why would you pose this question on a nursing site . . . for sympathy . . . and if you're asking, it is more than likely far too late. after you make the wrong decision and the glass comes flying across the livingroom because you "taped on the wrong side," and are now bleeding from the many shards of glass that have penatrated your skin . . . we might be able to tell you to go to your nearest er that is now flooded, literally, with other people with similar injuries, instead of heading the advice of experts and leave!