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    I am a nurse educator at our local hospital. Myself and 2 colleagues registered to walk a 10km! This is big for us! We need a team name! Help!!

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    I work ortho!! One of the keys to ortho nursing is mobility. It is essential! Get your patients up moving as quick as possible. Always encourage commode or toilet use. Bedpans are forbidden on our unit! Bowel care has to always be on your mind! Ortho patients are not as mobile as usual and are often taking narcotics. Start bowel care early! Organization can be challenging at times. I always look at what "needs" to be done and prioritize from there. Drains need to come out, dressings need to be done, pain management and mobility are also essential.

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    I am terrible at eyeballing when it comes to cutting black foam for a wound VAC! I have never tried making a template or anything but I might next time! My question is: What do you do if you cut the black foam and put it in the wound bed and then need to cut more foam off? The foam has already touched the wound bed. I don't like putting the foam in, removing it and cutting more foam and putting it back, on and on. However,iIs it OK to do this? It probably isn't optimal but the wound has been cleansed. I can't see another way around it other than starting over with a new piece of black foam every time!!..which would be very wasteful! Thoughts...