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    My first np job starts June 2, 2014. Just passed boards today. Similar salary, mid $90's with productivity bonus $10 per visit over expectation. Could be $25-50K in bonus pay if the stars align on the scheduling. I get 15 days vacation, plus CME, malpractice, DEA, 401k etc ask for at least 2weeks, with increase to 3weeks after 3-5 years ?

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    I forgot to say I graduated May 3, 2014 from Wright State in Dayton. I had a job offer in hand before graduation and will start June 2. Very exciting time, totally worth all those hours studying.

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    I passed my certification today FNP through AANP I found leik review book more helpful than the Fitzgerald review. I went to the live sessions in Columbus, spent at least a $1000 on the review+hotel+expenses. The Leik review book was under $100 and has over 600 practice questions with rationale. I purchased a practice test from AANP a few days ago for $50, I scored 84% on it! it gave me confidence to overcome test anxiety. I studied for approx 3 weeks about 4-6 hours per day. Good luck to you!