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    [font=courier new]undefinedundefinedundefined i love psychiatric nursing but i highly recommend before you specialize you get a couple of years of med-surg experience! especially if you want to continue to work in an acute care/hospital setting. you do not need a specific degree but you may take the certification test if you go to a bsn program.

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    i've kind of always assumed that i'm gonna have a career to do with psychology as it's a subject that interests me and i've been encouraged to work towards becoming a psychologist. however, placements to do the clinical training etc are very rare and the actual time spent working with patients is minimal, i don't really think it's the sort of job i'm looking for. i've just done a weeks work experience on a psycho-geriatric ward and visited the acute admissions ward there as well and it seems more like the kind of thing i want to do - caring for and working directly with patients. to become a psychiatric nurse you do a nursing degree right? can you specialise straight away in psychiatric nursing or do you have to do general first (bearing in mind i live in england)?

    also, i've heard that career advancement oppurtunites in nursing are fairly poor - is this true? is is possible to do a masters degree in psychiatric nursing and if so what positions would this qualify you for? basically, how far can you take a career in psychiatric nursing and what sort of salary would you be earning once you got there?

    sorry that this is so long, i basically would appreciate any career advice on psychiatric nursing and information on the degrees available that link to it. any help would be great, thanks for your time!