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  • Jul 19 '15

    Round-the-clock changing of incontinent briefs (aka adult diapers) for fecal and/or urinary incontinence. I have adapted to loathe it less since I work in gerontology (note: not by choice); and, I accept that it is part-and-parcel to the aging process...but I wouldn't mind it so much if the patients who are incontinent of urine/feces (but usually both) didn't all weight ≥ 200lbs, and be physically violent r/t dementia whose POA do not believe in medication to address their behavioral issues r/t to dementia. It makes providing basic hygiene feel like a strongman competition... Flipping tires vs. rolling fatties who also want to fight you/anyone in the room.

  • Jul 19 '15

    Quote from mariebailey
    I loathe the responsibilities that are delegated to nurses that do not require a nursing license to be carried out:
    -ordering jello or whatever else a patient suddenly craves when you have a million other things to do
    -administrative work for another employee, like making copies, printing labs, etc. when they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves
    -answering the phone/call buttons while the nurse techs sit on their behind watching
    -putting in maintenance requests
    It's not that I think I'm above doing these tasks, but sometimes you're just to busy to deal with the "just let the staff nurse do it" kind of attitude.
    These are all the things a Unit Secretary or Ward Clerk used to take care of so the nurses could be doing their own jobs.
    A BIG loss, because a good ward clerk really helped the floor to HUM, remember?

  • Jul 15 '15

    I'm one of those naturally nocturnal people, so my body is used to switching to nights pretty easily now - I blame my lazy thyroid. When I first switched to nights from days, I gradually stayed up later and later at night until I could stay up the whole night before my scheduled shift. Then I took some melatonin, make sure my room was super dark, and slept during the day. There's been numerous posts on the topic and I remember reading how you should wear sunglasses before you leave the building since sunlight delays melatonin production. Congrats on becoming a psych np! My friend is in a psych np program now and she really likes it.

  • Jun 25 '15

    I was helping another nurse pull a pt. up in bed. We must have had our Wheaties that morning because we bumped her head against the headboard, we both looked at each other feeling awful and the pt. said "go check the door, I just heard somebody knock". We laughed all day about that.

  • Jun 25 '15

    I was explaining the process of a colonoscopy prep to a patient scheduled for one the next morning (this was when we admitted pts the day prior to the procedure). She made a sour face when I told her she was going to have a lot of loose stools and said, "Well, hell, it sure ain't gonna make me any friends."

  • Jun 24 '15

    "The IV pump is getting ready to alarm"

    "The IV needs maintenance" (Alaris pumps scroll 'maintenance fluids' across the screen while infusing.)

  • Jun 24 '15

    One evening on my unit the phone rings:

    Front desk, how can I help you?

    Caller: "Hi, this is 911 dispatch. Could you go to room xyz? The patient dropped their call bell"

    Yep, actually happened and I had just been in there not 10 minutes ago. Why she couldn't have pressed zero is beyond me.

  • Jun 24 '15
  • Jun 24 '15

    I had a very enjoyable night two nights ago, because for the first time in my nursing history I had a patient who literally turned their call light on every 2-5 minutes.

    Reasons the patient turned her call light on:

    1. I farted.
    2. I coughed.
    3. Can I sit at the nurses station naked?
    4. My neck twitched when I took a breath.
    5. Can you scratch my left pinky finger?
    6. My tongue keeps touching my teeth, what should I do?
    7. I think I have to poop but I'll wait until tomorrow to do it.
    8. I'm about to call 911 because I keep hearing the nurses walk by my room.
    9. Am I breathing ok?
    10. My legs are really pretty, what do you think?

    That's to name a few!

  • Jun 24 '15

    "There is a cat over there and it won't stop staring at me."

  • Jun 24 '15

    It is a pet peeve of mine when fully capable patients ring out so that I can hand them an item that is totally within reach.

  • Jun 23 '15

    Oooh Oooh ooh who do you wanna block? Lol.

    Quote from Rose_Queen
    On the website:
    -Click on your user name at the top of the screen
    -Click account on the small drop down box
    -Click on green "Click here to view all your account options" bar
    -Click ignore list in drop down menu
    -Type the user name of the poster you wish to ignore in the box
    -Click add user

  • Jun 23 '15

    The PVT trick only works if there is a full moon - unless you are a witch.

  • Jun 21 '15
  • Jun 21 '15

    Quote from elkpark
    I agree with the suggestion of a interdisciplinary care conference, including family if there is any, and it would be a good idea to get psychiatry involved. There needs to be some kind of consensus on whether this woman has the mental capacity to refuse care and medications (and there is more to capacity than just whether the individual is alert and oriented), and, if not, what the plan is for providing the care. This should not be left up to each individual staff member to make her/his own decision and fend for her/himself.
    And I would also say that since the nurse knows that the patient is extremely combative I find it lousy that he/she didn't go in and help you to lessen the likelihood of injury. Poor teamwork.