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    thanks....although someone told me so that it was the report i need...though ur reaply was big relieve for me...thanks again

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    Quote from Sairo
    CGFNS-CES already changed the names and descriptions of the two. Academic Report and Professional Report.
    When did you pay and order at CGFNS? Did you use online ordering? Did they ask the intended report recipient?

    If you based it on ILDFR, full education report is more acceptable that the course by course report. You can also use that report if you want to pursue specialization in nursing or masters degree in the US.

    I suggest that you have to clarify this matter to either CGFNS-CES or Continental Testing Center so that your doubt will be over.
    i did pay last mar9 and ordered professional report which i think specifically says its intended for me which i thought that academic report is for pursuing further education in us..
    though i did try right now to email my queries to CTS for further knowledge about this..

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    yes sairo im a filipino
    so you mean is it ok if the type of report i have right now is full education report which im intended to have a practice as a RN in IL???
    sori but im just too confused right now..
    i did tried to call the cgfns awhile ago and asking me to enter my cgfns id which id but dont know why did the prompt call was repeating to ask to enter my cgfns id...

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    hi sairo..i have cgfns ces was order and will be needing to send some documents to my schools and prc.though im confused with what ces given me,the applicants copy which has the type of report was full education report.
    i have read the manuals for ILDFR it states that i should be having the kind of report was Healthcare Profession And Science course by course..
    im really bothered with this..
    is it ok for ILDFR to have such that???and how could i request or how can i change to cgfns to change the type of report???

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    guys help me pls...
    im having trouble with what i have with my CES order..the type of report was FULL EDUCATION REPORT. what im needing based on the ILDFPR applying for licensure it should be Healthcare Profession ANd Science Course-by-Course Report..what hould i do?????pls help me....thanks in advance..

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    hi sairo!
    im not yet done with my cgfns-ces because im still waiting for my highschool diploma..i did try to search on this forum for a request of a fingerprint card but im still not sure if they got my emails for request...

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    thanks for the replies...i have change my account here..
    anyway i have downloaded all the necessary documents for examination for il license.i have the ed-nur for my school to fill up and ct-nur for prc, i am just confuse on how does fingerprint goes..some colleagues told me that i need first to have the fingerprint card which is i havent seen or i havent understood at idfpr site..i dont know if the ces-cgfns will need the fingerprint card first or after i pass all the necessary documents to them and wait for it. me....