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    for those of you that got accepted to harcum, what did you get on your teas and what is your GPA? was there a waiting list? also what classes did you have completed when you were accepted?

    Im just trying to figure out where I stand, Thanks so much!

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    Has anyone recently graduated or started the nursing program at Harcum college? I am interested in harcum's evening nursing program. Was it hard to get in? is there a waiting list? If you got in what was your GPA and do you have to have to have all 10 of the prereqs they list A&p 1&2, micro, English 1&2, into pysch, human development, intro soc, elective. I wont be able to get all these done by may but I dont want to wait two years.

    ANY info you have about Harcum will be greatly appreciated!