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    Hi Tracy,
    Thanks for the answer, I was just wondering because in Canada, I don't think we have phsycians assistants. Thanks again

    Originally posted by Tracy:
    A nurse practicenor (sp?) works under his/her own lisence and uses the nursing model. A PA uses the medical model and works under a physicians lisence.

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    Can someone tell me what the difference between Nurse specialist and Physican's assistant?


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    Hi Everyone, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only crazy old lady going back to school, in my third year BScN, 2 kids, husband and dog. Ready for the luney bin, but ITS fun! I'm so glad you guys and gals are out there

    Originally posted by val.c:
    Hi to all you nurses 2b. I am a 40 yr.old LPN student with two kids left at home. It has been an adventure going back to school and I have no time for a "life" so please come on this journey with me and let us keep one another sane!*S* Val


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    Have you asked her/him directly about their actions? I would ask first, then I would report to the NM, if that doesn't work go over her head. Your first responsibility is to the patient and their care, if its not getting done your patients are in danger and by it not being addressed your shift could take the blame. Ethically, it needs to be reported.

    Originally posted by Deb2300:
    I work on a Med/Surg floor. We use a 24 hour flow assessment sheet for the patients. The sheet is nothing more than a check list of the systems: Lungs--clear Skin---moist AP--regular, etc.

    The problem we're seeing is with a nurse who never wears a stethoscope. She doesn't borrow one, nor do we have stethoscopes in the patients' rooms. I don't think the patients bring one from home with them either.

    So the question is: How can she assess her patients without a stethoscope? But everyday her flow sheets are filled in. Positive bowel sounds, lungs clear, and the AP is regular. How does she do that and get away with it?

    We've also heard her ask the CA to teach a patient how to change her colostomy bag. Then this nurse documented on the nursing education sheet that the patient and family have been instructed on how to care for the colostomy. She even wrote a note in the progress note section verifying the teaching.
    She went further to say how the patient demonstrated the technique back to her. How the hell would she know that? She wasn't there and she sure wasn't doing the teaching as she so documented.

    The problem gets more complicated because the nurse happens to be the ANM of the floor. We can't go the the NM becuase they are boosom (spg?) buddies. What recourse do we have. Someday a patient's condition is going to change for the worse and her documentation isn't going to support the proper plan of care.

    What can we do? Who will listen and take our concerns seriously? Please advise soon. We are very worried and don't really know what to do about this situation.

    Thanks for your help. Deb