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  • Mar 16 '12

    Some Doctors make you jump through hoops to get an order, but THIS ONE takes the cake!

  • Mar 16 '12

    I'm sorry nurse, I must've pushed the call bell by accident.

  • Mar 16 '12

    Student: "Oh Lord! I finally crawled and scratched my way up. I also completed 6 years of nursing school, spent the last 8 years bathing and feeding people, worked overnights weekends and holidays. I just graduated... Can I get a job now so I start learning about being a nurse."
    Lord: Yeah... about that... I forgot to tell you, you don't have any experience or skills yet. Why don't you climb back down and climb back up everyday for the next 8 months and we'll talk about it then.

  • Mar 16 '12

    Nurses are not "change agents"? I respectfully disagree with those who have this opinion of nurses.

    Remember the parable of the little girl frantically racing up and down the beach picking up starfish and throwing them back into the ocean? A man walks up and tells her not to bother - it won't make a difference in the long run because there are too many to save. She picks up another one and says "it will make a difference to this one" and tosses it iinto the ocean.

    Well, our work is like that. We impact one life at a time - for better or worse -- with our expertise and attitude. Holding a hand and "being present" when needed may not seem noteworthy from our perspective, but it frequently means everything to our patients. We can change anxiety to calm, fear to acceptance, ignorance to understanding, helplessness to empowerment. .

    We are superheros and call lights are our bat signals.

  • Mar 16 '12

    the "momma said there'll be days like this..." poster got it right. in every job you ever do, from babysitting as a teenager to being a grey-haired pink lady at the hospital in your 80s, you will have days where you will be walking on air as you go to your car or bus or train because everything was so perfect, your interventions worked out so well, you got recognized for the thoughtfulness with which you do your job, and (better than all of that) you feel great about it all.

    you will also have days when you cut corners, cheat yourself out of knowing you did your best, drop things, break things, make mindless errors, and loathe yourself at the end of the day. you will have days when somebody you worked with and trusted did something that made your head whip around so fast you got a glimpse of evil. or days when just nothing seems right, you just aren't even comfortable in your own skin, and dangitol anyway, why am i here?

    but mostly you will realize that your job is just your job, that no one job defines you (unless, perhaps, you're mother teresa reincarnated, and even she had long periods of depression and doubt), that a true friend or two will understand the real you and it really doesn't matter what the rest of them think. sometimes you try to keep your head down so the arrows go past you; sometimes you try to keep your head up so you can see where you're going. you do your best, and you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    good luck to you, whatever you choose.

  • Mar 16 '12

    First post - WOW!!

    Nurse Kratchet maybe it's time you look at yourself and see what changes you could make to make the situtation or your life better. All to often we always want to scream about how this and that needs to change, (and while that may be true) we never want to look in the mirror and ask "what can I do or change to improve my quality of life". With the outlook you have no doubt nothing will change. In fact it will probably only get worse. If you don't like being a nurse then don't. People usually go into nursing much as the same reason as a fire fighter or teacher. They want something different than the boring desk job. Or they want to make a difference in someone's lives. No, it is not always a walk in the park, but what in life is, really.

    What goes around comes around. One day you will rely on someone to take care of you, change your depends and help you use the toliet. You may just get the same type of person that you are. Think about it!!

    If you are looking for a job where you are constantly told how great you are, and constantly need a pat on the back, then nursing is not for you. Go get a corporate job where corruption is even worse....BELIEVE ME!!

  • Mar 16 '12

    "our generation has an incredible amount of realism, yet at the same time it loves to complain and not really change. because, if it does change, then it won't have anything to complain about."
    tori amos

    realism, we have gotten into a pickle. our healthcare system is discriminatory, it is a fact. the nurses that do not burn out are the ones that don't give enough. it is easy to stay optimistic when you are not worked to the bone, or are concerned about quality care. meaning that you do not give quality care to the patient, for whatever reason.
    so, some of us don't like the system. do we just sit and complain? no. i challenge nurses to improve their knowledge of the system, and improve it! we have no right to complain unless we work to change the situation. i am not a helpless child that has to blindly follow the leader. i am an adult with the ability to stand firm for the rights of proper patient care! please, ask yourself if you put your patient's care first, or just show up for the paycheck. either way, we are guilty of not improving the system.
    hope you find yourself being the nurse, and not the patient!
    god bless

  • Mar 16 '12

    Quote from mcrutRN
    Because every nurse who has been around awhile knows that only they know it all.
    Not all of them. Some? To be sure. Too many? Definitely.

    But all? Come on.

  • Mar 16 '12

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion, I guess.

    Glad you got that out of your system. Move on now, please.

  • Mar 2 '12

    Interesting, I thought all doctors were pigs.

  • Mar 2 '12

    They finally hired a nurse who would enjoy the cafeteria food..maybe.

  • Mar 2 '12

    you havent heard of a RN being floated to do CNA work??Well it shows you havent been a RN long.You didnt go to school for that??what school did you go to?Cause patient care is taught in nursing school.iam not trying to be mean but maybe nursing isnt for you.cause to be a nurse comes within your heart the love to take care of people,and the compasion.RN on your badge dont make you a nurse,it comes with in.loving all aspects of your job from overseeing a patients recovery,to charting,down to emptying a urinal.being able to meet your patients needs in all areas,,,including what u said cna work,??you have to remeber its not just cna work,its your work as well,,when you are a nurse you dont say its cna work,its your work as well.nursing is a hard job,caring for patients can be tough,Did you ever think the reason you got floated?did you ever think how many patients were in need of your help?being short staff on a floor,yes they will find help for that floor,your floor wasnt busy,and could have done with out you,,,did you ever think they didnt have a cna,and they had to pull a RN,,,-Yes this happens welcome to being a nurse,,,you had to work 12 hrs doing cna work?,,,,yes this happens again welcome to nursing,,,,you got mad cause you worked hard ??? we nurses dont get mad,,we get tired when we work as you say cna jobs....You say you dont mind changing diapers??what was all babies you took care of?????us nurses dont say diaper,cause it can be offending and hurt for say a 89yr old man,,to say he is wearing a diaper??we call them breifs.,you know being a nurse,we are in touch with feelings,,do you know what Dignity is?I have been a nurse for 19 years,10 years nursing home,9 at a hospital,,i floated all over the hospital i worked,,and yes many times floated out of my unit to help other floors,,was asked to be a transporter for a day,did it from my heart cause i love taking care of people.was asked to float icu to help with baths,and give help -i did -pulled 18 hrs. straight cause they were short,,i did all this cause its about the patients,,i gave bath to a man,,maybe if i wasnt there he wouldnt get one,i transported one day,i think iam glad i helped,so patients wouldnt have to sit and wait in hallways,on gurneys,,,and no i never went home mad like you did......i go home and my heart is filled,i might be tired,and feet hurt,back,,,but inside i fill amazing that i helped a person.

  • Sep 8 '11

    That's amazing! It gave me goose bumps! I am still undecided about what kind of nursing I want to do, but hospice definitely is on my favorites list.

  • Sep 8 '11

    wat a beautiful & wonderful experiece you & ur colleagues got to see & wat a previlage that ur lovely lady chose to share with u all bless her end of life care is 2 me personaly a unique & special area of nursing & altough i haven t expierenced wat u did i have been with patients many a time & knew it was there time 2 go i hold their hand or lay my hand on their forehead & say to them " its time now u can go close ur eyes don't b frightened " & many a time they have opened their eyes smiled @ me & taken their last breath i can only say i feel honoured 2look after the terminally ill

    lozz x

  • Sep 8 '11

    That is amazing! It makes me recall the first birth I experienced which was just about perfect in every way. Parents super in love and affectionate, first child, no complications. Later on when I saw things not unfold that way I appreciated that first experience all the more because the range of things you will see in the future. Both birth and death can be quite variable.

    If it isn't good, it can taint your attitude some, as well. None of us normally gets to decide what our "first" experience will be when someone under our care begins their life or ends their earthly life, but I sure cherished that memory of the first birth I observed.

    Thanks for sharing your story!