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    So i just got my license last month...and recently just started looking for a job.
    haven't heard from any hospitals yet; me and my mom are thinking that while waiting for a job, i should use my free time in doing some class like dialysis, phlebotomy, ACLS, to be more marketable and also because i really like to improve and learn new skills!

    So i was wondering, to get certified as a dialysis i need to have a medsurg or nursing experience first? so should i wait till i start working before i enroll for a dialysis class?

    i'm really confuse...please help!

    also, i really want to be my best as a new nurse...i can say that right now i feel like i've already forgotten most of the things we did in clinicals.. and i feel like i want to master inserting IV bcoz that's my biggest fear. So do u guys think enrolling and getting certified in IV training or my mom said "phlebotomy" would help me?

    coz i honestly didnt get to insert an IV to a real patient while in school....we also didnt do ABG on a patient (my cousin did but she is in the Philippines...and i'm in the U.S) i wish i did...
    so should i enroll in phlebotomy class as well?

    i need advice...thanks so much!! ^^

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    Oh so sorry to hear that.. But seriously, i think ur more than prepared! Dang i wasnt even able to study as much as u did! And didnt have as much resources as u! My scores on kaplan were only in their 50's...the highest i've ever gotten was 68, and that was only one time.And i just passed nclex 2 days ago! First try with 75 questions!! Now i really believe it wasnt coz im smart or coz i study alot, i purely think its coz of prayers!! Seriously, if i hadnt ask God for help...if i hadnt prayed everynight, i probably wouldnt have pass it.I think thats what u should do. U are already studying more than enough, and ur scoring well...maybe u should try to pray and ask God for help, and then have faith that he will help u! And i know he will! Coz thats what happened to me!Goodluck!

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    Heyy im sure u will pass this time....i only took nclex once and passed but my kaplan scores are only in their 50's! I think prayers helped aloooooot. Wihout it, i think i wouldnt have passed at all. Coz my scores are that bad. Seeing how ur in ur 60's man thats awesome!!! Be confident and dont worry too much, and in everything keep on praying! Goodluck!

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    Heyy dont worry too much! I know u can pass! Also, everyone of us can pray to God....just pray at night before u sleep ask him this favor to help u remember all the things u studied, and to help u answer the questions right! Be specific in prayers, he will listen to it! And with prayers, dont forget to say ur thanks as well! i did that and i passed! I just found out i pass this morning! i did practice questions from kaplan everyday and reada chapter from hurst a day....u can do this too! I'll include u in my prayers, goodluck!

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    YAY!! Just wanted to share with u guys my happiness....loli did both hurst and kaplan, and both really helped me alot!If it werent for hurst, i wouldnt have remembered and mastered the core contents, and kaplan really help me practice in answering questions! Even some of the questions i got from kaplan i got from nclex too! But not the literal question ofcourse. I really cant believe i would stopped at 75 and leave the place unsure if i pass or not...bcoz the questions were hard! There are even meds i havent seen or heard of!To those who are studying right now, my only advice is practice..practice..practice! Coz the odds are u might get the same kind of questions in nclex too! Goodluck everyone!Im gonna say this...if i can pass (my kaplan score are only in their 50' nursing school grades are mostly C's) u can do it too!! Just do atleast 50 practice questions a day, review the rational and research what topic u dont know....goodluck everyone!

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    Hi all!So i'll be taking nclex on monday, and i dunno if im ready tbh.I did HURST and KAPLAN review, i have both books as well.The problem is that, i've only been getting around 54-65% on qbanks from kaplan, mostly 50's. will this be enough for me to pass nclex?Also im doing hursts practice tests, and im only getting like 52-65% on them...I feel frustrated and scared, ryt now my head hurts coz ive been doing like 100+ questions a day for this week......ughhhhAny advice for me?I will really appreciate it, thanks in advance

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    Hi everyone!

    So i finally graduated in an associate degree program this June 7!
    I am now studying to take my NCLEX on Aug.

    my question is,
    Do u guys think i should start looking for BSN program now? since Fall sem usually start around sept? and if i dont apply now, i might be late?

    Coz i really wanna start working this year too, so i can pay my financial aid.
    do u think I would have a better chance of getting a job if i'm already enrolled in BSN?

    But my mom said she won't be able to pay for BSN tuition fee anymore, coz we are in the midst of getting a house. >.<

    I am very confuse on what to do.
    please help me! i need advice..

    Basically, should i apply for BSN this coming fall?
    Or should i just apply for a job with an ADN degree, hope to get a job, and start working, then apply to a BSN program next year on Spring sem? will my hospital pay for it?

    i dont have any idea on what to do.
    please help...

    P.S we live in NY.

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    Im still an associate degree nursing student, but im starting to plan for my future,
    I was wondering to all the graduates out there, is it better to take BSN classes online as i start to work as an RN?
    Or take classes on campus?

    Coz i tend to learn more when im in a class environment since im an auditory learner,
    Im thinking online class might not work for me as much, also coz professors usually gives helpful advice and tips while teaching, and it will be completely different from taking courses online??

    Which is better in ur opinion? I want to learn as much as i could but also have time to work atleast part-time as a nurse when i graduate ASN degree.

    Thoughts? Suggestions would really help me decide...
    I would really appreciate it, thanks in advance!!!!

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    I'm a second semester nursing student, so far the worst I saw was probably the bilateral leg amputation in the O.R.
    it was gruesome but it made me

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    Hmmm it's creepy how everything u describe here seems to be like the class I have now...we're also half way till graduation. Do u perhaps go to nursing school somewhere in NY?
    anyways, just forget about them and do ur own business. it's normal in every school, u'll find someone whom u doesn't like.

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    So i'm in the 2nd sem now...
    And the reading materials are getting heavier, right now for the GI system, I have to read 8 chapters from 2 books, and i was not really the hard-worker student when I was In highschool, I never read and studied this much, so I find it really hard to concentrate, focus in reading these chapters, I often find myself getting distracted by the Internet, or something else, I know I have to read for me to understand the topic, but knowing that I have to read this much I get lazy....
    What do u guys do to not get lazy and bored reading this much?
    What keeps u motivated and focus?

    Also, whenever I read chapters, I know the general idea of what I read, but I don't remember it that much, what do u guys do to remember everything u have studied? Please give me some advice on how to study properly, I want to be able to remembe everything, coz it will be a waste reading alot of chapters but then I dont remember most of what I

    My study habit is really messed up right now, evethough I got this far, I still dont know what works for me...
    I dont know how to study, please help??
    Any kind of suggestions would be really helpful for me...
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I personally think it's not hard, as long as ur a hardworker, not lazy and focus...there's no reason why u would fail. Coz the professors are there giving u all the resources needed to succeed, all u need to do is use them.
    For me I know I can make it, it's just that i'm lazy reading all the chapters and
    So if ur not like me, u shouldn't find it hard at all.

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    if u fail once, u can re-take it, but after that u can never fail again!
    so it's good, up until now (i'm in 2nd sem) i haven't failed yet, i think i can make it

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    I was actually just like u when i was on my first semester...i'm now in 2nd sem.
    it's normal to feel threatened/uncomfortable especially when this is ur first time, just like u, i've never worked in any kind of medical department whatsoever, but my mom is a nurse, and i'm only 18! lol so u can tell how nervous i was! plus i'm not fluent in english, which makes it double hard for me to talk to patients..
    but u know what? my advice is to practice everything u learned from lab! since i am studying in a private nursing school, they provides us lots of resources, so after class we will have "open lab" when the professor will stay and u can practice all the skills u learned so far, i think if u master all those skills u learned, it shouldn't be too hard when u go to clinicals...

    another tip is to act more comfortable, eventhough u may seem nervous, don't let it show! right now, i find that i'm more comfortable going in to patient's room, introduce urself, i usually say something like "hi, my name is .....and i'm a student nurse, nice to meet you, do u need anything? is there anything i could help u with?" and since we always do A.M care, i usually offer a "bed bath" so they could eat afterwards...and that's it! then tell them u will be coming in and out of his/her room...take their vital signs and do ur assessments as usual, they usually don't ask coz they are used to nurses just coming in and taking their vital signs...

    another one, always smile!! believe me, it brightens their day! especially in the morning! and talk to them casually, i find that talking to them in a normal way like u would with ur friend/classmates makes them open up to u more, and u wouldn't feel nervous!

    also, before u enter the room, make sure u know what ur going to say, i usually practice what i'm going to say so i don't stutter when i'm actually talking to the patient...

    and be friendly with the nurses! smile at them and ask them politely if u need something but don't ask or bother them when they are doing something like giving meds, coz they will ignore u...i always try to find the right timing when they don't seem busy.

    so yeah, i'm sure u'll get through that phase once u get the hang of it, it's still ur first sem, so u have a looong way to go! and u will be more comfortable in time! just breath in and breath out, be urself, smile more, prepare before u go in to the patient's room, and don't show any signs of nervousness when u talk to the patient. u'll make it through! if i made it, i'm sure there's no reason why u couldn' in urself and be more confident

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    So i was watching this korean drama on TV, and the girl was in coma for 5 years!!!
    is that even possible?
    i'm not really familiar with all people who are in coma, lol i have no idea if they can last that long...
    i mean, if it's a girl, and she's brain dead, obviously she's not moving anymore ryt?

    So i have a few questions:
    will she still get menstruation? and how can the staff take care of someone like that?
    also, wouldn't she get pressure ulcers from laying there that long?
    and wouldn't she get pneumonia for not moving?
    also her muscle would deteriorate since she's not using it ryt? so that means that person will be really skinny...
    and how do they feed her? through TPN? or NGT?

    this may seem like a stupid question to all of u who probably have alot more knowledge about this... so forgive me...i'm just really curious, i've never seen a patient in comatose so...

    how can a Nurse properly take care of a person like that? and what are the possible complications that can occur? and is that possible for someone to live that long and still look good? coz in that drama the girl stilll looks very well-kept and doesn't look skinny, there's also no NGT, just ventilator...