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    HawkeyeGinger - Choosing the right college for you can be difficult. You pose some very good questions about nursing programs.

    I encourage you to visit the schools you are thinking about attending and talk with instructors and students.

    I work for Hawkeye and I can give you some basic facts about the Associate Degree Nursing program.

    • The program is accredited by the Iowa Board of Nursing. Hawkeye has not been investigated by the Iowa Board of Nursing for inappropriate curriculum.
    • While our program is challenging, we have a good pass rate for the NCLEX-RN. Our pass rate of 86.67% is above both the Iowa (77.03%) and national (81.74%) averages.

    I invite you to contact the Admissions Office to set up a visit to talk with an Admissions Rep and some instructors about the program and to answer your questions.

    Good luck in your future and let me know if there is anything we can do to help.