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    Originally posted by Toby1:
    As a soon-to-be new grad working in the ICU, I have recently had to cope with dying patients, many of whom were young. It seems that the RNs on the unit communicate with each other and support each other, while others do not seem to display any emotion. As a student I do not have established relationships with the nurses on the unit and it is awkward to try to approach them about this. Generally, I turn to my fellow classmates for support as well as my family members - although it is not quite the same when they have never met the person or lived in the situation. How do you cope? Any suggestions?
    Dear Tobi,

    I find talking with co-workers is very important. If I try to talk to a family member, they do not understand. The first cases in my nursing were very difficult for me. Often a nurse will search their own feelings about what is inside their heart when they go home after a patient dies.