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  • Dec 12 '12

    I really wish the world would start to see nursing as a unisex profession.

    Now, I'm married, but if I were single and met a nurse that happened to be a man - I'd be interested. You know right off that this guy is going to be smart, educated, caring, and compassionate. Plus, you know that he will always have a job and will have a flexible schedule. What's not to love? I just don't get women sometimes, and I AM one!!!

    Just keep your chin up, and be proud of who you are.

  • May 21 '11

    Hey MomBak2Skool!

    Welcome! Glad you found us. Sounds like everyone's on the same wavelength with getting the ADN first. We don't have any children (yet) so our lives prob. are not as hectic as yours. I, too am looking into the BSN-MSN route in the future-nurse anesth. For now, it would be nice to know we will be starting the program in the fall. Keeping my fingers crossed as well! BTW, your teas score and GPA are great, nice work! Talk to you all later!

  • Apr 14 '11

    Hang on everyone- I didn't find out in the first round of acceptances, either. As soon as I had given up all hope, and resorted to following Plan B, my status changed to "accepted." Hang in there; it doesn't mean anything yet!

    Good luck!

  • Apr 12 '11

    So I broke down and emailed an admissions counselor, to find out if being committee ready still meant you were denied or not. She replied that not all decisions have been made or put out, and that they do not know when all will be done.
    Hopefully that will ease the minds of those of you that like me, haven't heard anything yet. (i still am not getting my hopes up) but at least we know they are still working on it.