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    filipino here..but I live in south texas.. like McAllen area..

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    I understand your situation.I don't know what state you are located.
    But for me, I graduated 2008, & i do not have any hospital experience. I just got my license last December 2012.
    I applied to a lot of hospitals here in Texas ( I couldn't even count how many applications I did) but I only got 2 interviews as well.

    What I did is, i took the BLS just this month (since I do not have it yet) ..In that BLS class, I talked to several nurses, & they told me that in their hospital, you have to know the nurse manager or at least somebody in that hospital who can forward your name to their nursing managers. {That's when I realized why i am not getting any calls from that hospital,even if they have lots of job postings for RN's---because I do not know anybody there.. }

    Just do not give up..

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    It was my FIRST clinical duty in the OR, and I was one of two student nurse who assisted the surgeon.
    It was so quiet,and in the middle of the surgery, the surgeon looked at me and asked for my name. Out of nervousness,I assumed what I was doing is wrong,I answered "I'm sorry"..
    Then he looked at me and said, "Your name is Sorry??".. LOL!
    omg! I was so embarrased!