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    Quote from LifelongDream
    I taught school before becoming a nurse and there were many perks. You just have to be sure you're there for the right reasons and not the benefits. I consider going back to teaching all the time and doing nursing on the side. It's not that I don't enjoy nursing, but at this time in my life, teaching fits my goals at this point.
    I have been following your posts (always informative-thank you) and I noticed we are in the same area of Texas. I am currently teaching but considering a career change into nursing. My first choice program at this point is the Texas Tech Second Degree Program. Would you mind sharing information regarding difficulties of the program (in particular, how difficult was it to be accepted into the program)? Also, how many do they accept in the Odessa cohort and how many apply? I realize you may not have the answer to that last question, but I am concerned from reading other posts about all applicants having 4.0s across the board, 150 interviewees, etc. I am very interested in your thoughts given the similarities in our situations (teaching-nursing). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.