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    I have one years expierence as an LPN working with MRDD in a long term care setting. I was let go and am having a hard time finding jobs. I am 3 days away from being able to file for early dismissal from my nursing probation. I have no real restrictions on my license other than i need an employer report quarterly. Its so hard to find jobs right now im willing to work for next to nothing. I just need a foot in the door. If anyone has any leads or any information that would be helpful i would appreciate it. Im lookin for anything around the cleveland area willing to work any shift. If you have any helpful information please email me at

    I can say that if someone can help me out ill pass that along and maybe we can get like a chain going cause i feel it is to hard for people that have made mistakes in there lifes to move forward and be productive in life. Thanks in advance.

    Ryan D Krueger LPN