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    Quote from traumarus
    we'd like to hear about this - can you tell us more?
    oops sorry that i didn't explain it...

    impression management is about how people would manage their impressions in different situations. it include different factors like

    self presentation- how we present ourselves.

    ingratiatory behavior-how we would please the administration to get a favor

    self-disclosure- how we would explain things and whether we will disclose things that we probably didn't want to explain.

    desirable responding- something like once we have understood that some one would like to be treated in a particular way, whether we would respond like that.

    erving goffman is the person who started the studies in im. and now it's a prominent subject in itself.

    the basic idea is that unknowingly or knowingly what we do, behave, speak etc creates an impression on others. so by knowing these tactics and by doing favorable ones we can manage our image in a better way. once all the nurses and doctors and everyone in the hospital do it, a very positive and desirable image about the organization can be created and maintained.

    don't you think it works? i feel it works and i'm a strong ambassador of it myself!

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    Hi All!

    It is Harry here. I'm in the management side of a Healthcare chain. This is a really amazing Site. And in fact I've joined just because of the Nursing humor forum. Keep the good work!


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    Hi All!

    What's your opinion about Impression management training for nurses in hospitals? Recently my hospital did a survey on Impression Management among nurses and doctors and supporting staff and found that we nurses are better in Impression Management Tactics!(than the other two group) They are planning a training Program too! An intensive one for docs and less intensive (I guess) for Nurses. What do you say? Ever came across this in your place?

    [font='Times New Roman']Harry