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    I attended the Fall 2011 orientation today and the program sounds awesome! The nursing director from TCC is also the director for Clover Park now. You can either do their LPN program, complete 500 paid hours and then start their RN program or directly bridge into another school's RN program.

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    I will be attending CP for Fall 2011. I was on on the waitlist for less than a year and have only heard really great things regarding their program. My best friend graduated from South Puget Sound's nursing program and told me that the CP LPN students who transfered in to complete their second year were far more prepared than the rest of the class. If you complete your first year at CP you can take your NCLEX and then bridge into any of the other community colleges in the area (TCC, SPSCC, Pierce and so forth) I know one girl who transferred to Pierce and is now working on the Cardiac floor at Tacoma General. Another girl I met completed her first year at CP and then did the online RN program through Lower Columbia CC. She has a job at Group Health in Olympia.

    The link below is all of the aproved nursing schools in Wa state: Currently CP only has an evening RN program and is in the process of changing to a more traditional 2 year program.

    This link is the NCLEX passing percentages for Wa schools

    Hope this info helps!

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    Clover Park told you Fall 2011?? Be careful. I sumbitted my application back in Nov and I just received my start date which is not until Spring 2012. They said if people deny their spots I could get in sooner but I may just have to wait. Also they are turning their program into an RN program. You have the option to continue on for your second year or leave and become and LPN. Good Luck!!