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    Quote from Jaykster
    I'm moving from Huntington Beach to San Antonio in April and am looking for input on where to live. I'm looking for a rental house with a yard (I have two beagles) in the range of $800 - $1100 a month. I'm single and my daughter is grown up so I'm not worried about schools. The areas around 78244 and 78250 look good but I can't be sure. I'm flying in a few weeks to look at places and I'm going to have to make a fast decision. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    My Mom's a doctors assistant - informed me about your question. 78244 would not help you very much, unless you know for sure you'll be working at Brooke's Army Medical Center (BAMC). 78250 is great fro both the Christus Hospital on 151 and the med center also. You might check out 78254, 78253, 78240. These areas would be convenient to a dozen different medical employers. Shoot me a PM for more detailed info... Hope you enjoy SA as much as we do. Moved here from San Diego in '06 and love it