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    Kaplan on-line and Saunder's Compre and Practice Tests worked for me. What is important, prepare a study time table which works for you best, the follow it STRICTLY.

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    Quote from kgh31386
    It's more than just the basics though. That's why I said it depends on how it's worded. Once you start doing NCLEX review questions and you run into questions like this..someone has a bloody dressing(a few HURST questions were about this exact scenario), vital signs may not be the first thing you do. I've been through the NCLEX review and already taken the thing. Most questions will give you a scenario that's vague like a bloody dressing and give you the answer of "take vitals, call the doc, re-assess, etc." Taking vitals will not fix the problem, it delays treatment(even if it's just a few moments)...never delay treatment in the eyes of the NCLEX people. Even if it takes just a few moments, in the NCLEX people's're saying that you want your patient to bleed just a little bit longer so you can tell the doctor your vitals. Like others said, pretend you can only pick ONE thing and go home. You learn in school that the answer is most likely not to call the doctor, in NCLEX review stuff, that answer is correct much more often. The NCLEX people don't care if the doctor gets mad, they only care about YOU and what you do to fix the can't say on the NCLEX or a nursing school test "what if the doctor gets mad at me"

    ... i remember what our clinical instructors always tell us while doing our clinicals ... "a delay in service means a failure in service" ...

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    Quote from celticqueen
    This makes me really REALLY mad. The government are morons. Do they honestly think that by cutting front line staff and services that people will stop being ill, or that people will stop having accidents?????? Of course not, so who do they think is going to look after these people when they need to go into hospital????? magical pixie nurses?????? It will only end in disaster when someone dies because there wasn't enough staff to safely look after them; this will only endanger patients. The newspapers will have a field day - patient neglected and starved as no-one available to feed frail elderly patients or give them a drink, patients left in soiled beds, waiting lists so long it wil be near on impossible to get seen...oh wait thats what is happening already!!!!!! And when push comes to shove, who gets the blame for all this? not the government, but the exhausted and disillusioned nurses who try their very best on each and every shift to deliver the best care they can, that's who!
    I AGREE !!!!

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    You're young and you can do far better jobs than CNA in the future. Consider your CNA job as stepping stone for an advanced healthcare career, i.e. if your heart is really for healthcare.

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    Quote from northshoremom
    I've enjoyed reading this blog. I am in the same boat not passing NCLEX RN. I've registered to take boards again in June. Right now I'm using Kaplan and Saunders books to study with. I have just relocated to Illinois but will be sitting for California board. I graduated from a school in Tennessee. Any suggestions on more study tips will be greatly appreciated.
    Read the Saunders Comprehensive - all the chapters, and answer the practice questions at the end of each chapter. Try to get a score of 80% in each practice questions. If you score below 80% read the topic/chapter in which you scored low. Do the KAPLAN practice tests , they are very HELPFUL. They are as difficult as the questions in the nclex exam. Read the thread on NCLEX. You will get some tips from the bloggers.


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    Go with your plan, that is, if your mom will buy your idea. I'm in mid-40s when I finished nursing, as my second degree.

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    For some, it may be hard ... but hey we need to work for what we are being paid for .

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    how is the job market in vermont, esp. for those without clinical experience?

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    Now comes another challenge - how to land on a job as a new grad

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    hi mae ...
    none that i know, only sample practice tests on the written part.

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    Quote from coolknj
    Dont give up I been out of school for 5yrs and I am still trying. I always wanted to become a RN and I will & so will you.
    Have you taken or are you taking a refresher course?

  • 0 depends on the State, but the renewal date always fall on one's birthday

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    If you are already a Licensed LPN, i think you just have to work on your "expired" license ...may be take some CME units and a refresher course. I haven't heard of someone, who already has a license, sitting for another nclex exam just because his/her license has expired.

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    AND also im not working as a CNA yet.. i am taking the test on march 20 to be certified.. hehe.. although i already have an agency willing to take me after i have it.. i think i would like it.. i just want to work.. any job right now.. and relating to my field of experience would be a blessing..

    Hello to all who posted in this thread ...
    I'm also a registered nurse from the Phil (nursing is my second degree).
    Without a formal CNA class attendance, I challenged the CNA certifying exam in February here in new york. The written part is very easy. Having a background on many areas of nursing theoretical wise, i found the questions very practical and easy. The sad thing is, i failed the skills part . In the exam, a testtaker will be given three skills to be done on a volunteer or a mannequin (I passed the two skills except for one which in which I was evaluated as "weak"). You have to do good in all the three skills to get a PASSING remark on the practical part. I suggest that you ask someone you know who took the CNA certifying exam, the skills part specifically. Do not rely on videos/dvds - they are totally different from what is thought in a cna training school.
    Good luck

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    A large number of filipino registered nurses dream of moving to US or Canada for a one simple reason: seek for a greener pasture, then provide for a better life for their families back home.