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    Quote from angel_kat216
    Immunization (previous and recent) records.. If you were a fully-immunized baby and still have your baby book that would be a good proof.. You could also run some test like for HepaB (HBsAb), mantoux test for TB and other blood test to check if you have active and enough antibodies coz if not then you might need booster shots or worse have yourself fully-immunized all over again..
    I forgot to add that all schools, training providers and some employers will need proof of immunization since part of the BP is the clinical placement where we will be exposed in their local hospitals or nursing home.. So just to be on the safer side, better have your immunization records ready before you leave Philippines..

    This topic was also previously discussed in the early pages of this forum..

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    Quote from zrach
    Thanks for the reply miks103 Has anyone finished their BP in La Trobe? If so, how was the accommodations? Cost?
    La Trobe BP will be in the Bendigo Campus an hour or 2 drive from city of Melbourne, try to Google the place and start searching from there..

    By the way Melbourne is not pronounce as mel-born but its mel-burn and Brisbane is not bris-bayn but bris-bin..

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    Quote from liaa
    as for the vaccines, what do schools require proof of immunity? or will proof of shots/vaccines be sufficient? thanks
    Immunization (previous and recent) records.. If you were a fully-immunized baby and still have your baby book that would be a good proof.. You could also run some test like for HepaB (HBsAb), mantoux test for TB and other blood test to check if you have active and enough antibodies coz if not then you might need booster shots or worse have yourself fully-immunized all over again..

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    Quote from princessblush

    Okay! I'm glad I asked about the other certificates. I almost forgot about it. Thanks much!


    I read from your previous post your still in the IELTS part. Have you taken the exam already or your done with it.
    Neither, I haven't even started reviewing yet.. I can start anytime I want to coz I'm fully paid but I told the review center that I'll wait for my fiance to enroll so we'd be in 1 class (his request and yes I do spoil him.. hehe). Currently I'm reading this thread and I'm on page 76 already.. I'm also watching BBC news and some AFC shows for British accent and the Australian network for the Aussie accent.. I'm not that bad with listening but since I'm not doing anything might as well start with reviewing on my own..

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    Quote from princessblush

    Are you planning to take BP in Deakin University by January next year. Never imagined they are full already this year!

    I'm actually almost done with all the requirements except that when I renewed my NBI clearance, I got a "HIT". Such a hassle I know eventhough I don't have a common name. I just hope I'd be done and be able to send the requirements next week.
    Yep, that's what I'm planning for.. Hopefully I make it in time for enrollment before September2011..

    Now, that sucks.. So once you get the clearance send it immediately on the same day.. You still have time to enroll if you apply this month.. Good luck!

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    Newsflash - NSO documents for Australian visa applications

    13 January 2010 - A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Visa Office of the Australian Embassy Manila and the National Statistics Office (NSO) in relation to streamlining the process of requesting NSO documents for applicants of an Australian visa.
    The MoU relates only to those applicants who will lodge applications at the Visa Office in Manila. It will not apply to those submitting their applications directly to a Processing Centres in Australia or to other Posts.
    The new process requires visa applicants to lodge their application for NSO documents online or by calling their helpline Call Centre. Once the NSO has facilitated the request, the documents will be couriered directly to the Australian Embassy and be matched to their visa application. Detailed instructions on how to lodge an application for NSO documents can be downloaded here. See: NSO Document Application.
    Visa applicants need to provide information along with their application as evidence that they have requested/ordered their documents either by providing a copy of their online confirmation or by writing their transaction reference number beside the required NSO document on the Application Document Checklist.
    There would be a transitional period until 04 April 2011 after this period, the Visa Office will only accept NSO documents via this process and will not consider NSO documents submitted directly by clients in relation to their visa application lodged in Manila.


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    Quote from miks103
    Yes i did read your previous post. Just that I didn't know you planned to apply to a CRICOS registered institution. I was originally opting for the student visa on the 1-year nursing conversion program since I got accepted by Murdoch University but since I also got my eligibility for College of Nursing in NSW then I decided to take the 8-weeks course instead.

    Just for the information of all those who are new to this thread, there is a lengthy discussion on 456 vs. 676 in part 1 of this thread, it starts at onwards. Hope this can help the rest too (thanks to mikyong, JavRN most especially and the old forumers for the very informative discussion there)
    Yup that's my plan, but I'm afraid that I might not make it in time to enroll because application closes this September2011.. So if ever I don't then change of plans and I might end up getting the 456..

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    Quote from miks103
    Angel, are you getting the student visa for the Bridging Course? You aren't keen on getting the 456 or 676?
    No, I don't want the business visa 456.. And I am also planning to apply to a CRICOS registered institution which allows me to get the student visa..

    Have you read my previous post regarding business visa 456 and student visa 575? Did you read each visa and compared their differences?

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    Quote from cioman94
    :-) lucky bloke you have.. me in NSW rural... another we are 2 filipino RNs in our nursing home now, 1 more is coming soon, family is getting bigger, but will later go smaller when we start transferring..

    i reckon your uncle is not aware of the 3 month BP.. if you cant convince him, tell me, i'l show you how..

    Oh, I was also told that you have higher chances of getting hired if you are willing to be assigned in rural areas.. Just a tip to those who aren't picky about placements..

    Really!? Gee, thanks! I'll tell you as soon as I receive word from him, my Aunt told me that he's busy with something..

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    Quote from zrach
    Hi I just want to clarify. The first step is the AGOS-04 form right?
    Please read the 1st page of this forum topic and also browse thru the pages, glioblastoma has posted the complete requirements for AHPRA..

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    Quote from rncoco
    angel_kat, who can be under assessment level 3 or 4?
    Please read this PDF file that can be found in the DIAC website : and you can use the visa wizard to find out what student visa sub-category you are to apply..

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    Quote from 14162S001
    good day!

    AGOS-04 form, question no. 17 Do you commit to only practise the profession if you have appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements in place?
    YES or NO/NA
    what should i choose?
    thanks =)
    Answer: Yes

    Rationale: Please read

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    Quote from angel_kat216
    yup! I am. I registered about a week a ago I think, sorry darl for not knowing you're in Australia.

    I just called the Australian embassy in Manila and they have no idea regarding the sub-category for student visa and advised me to use the visa wizard on the DIAC website, so I did and found out I was correct all along.

    For those who are applying for student visa for the bridging program or the non-award course please apply for this sub-category student visa.

    Non Award Sector: Temporary Visa (Subclass 575) - Assessment Level 2

    Application form and checklist:

    Visa charges:
    AUD550 (only as stated by the CSA from Australian embassy unless they request for additional fees)

    Accepted methods of payment:

    • Credit card
    • Debit card - only in person
    • Bank cheque - made payable to the 'Department of Immigration and Citizenship'
    • Money order - made payable to the 'Department of Immigration and Citizenship'

    Length of stay:
    If your course is 10 months or less: one month longer than the end date of your course.

    Work right:
    Visa granted on or after 26 April 2008:
    You will already have permission to work. You:

    • can work up to 20 hours per week while your course is in session
    • must not start work until you have commenced your course in Australia.

    For more information:

    Additional information:

    If your student visa is about to expire, 3-4weeks before expiration date you can renew your visa. You can only extend your stay in Australia if you do not have a 'No Further Stay' condition on your current student visa. After you have lodged a valid application, you will be granted a bridging visa that comes into effect when your current visa expires and allows you to remain lawfully in Australia while your application is being processed.


    I have read somewhere I cannot recall anymore that you can also apply for the business short stay visa 456 on-shore (in Australia) other than renewing..

    "No Further Stay" condition:

    Most Assessment Level 3 and all Assessment Level 4 students (except those in the Schools sector) undertaking a course or courses of 10 months duration or less, are subject to a 'no further stay' condition. This condition generally prevents students from extending their stay in Australia, although they may apply for a subclass 485 (Graduate-Skilled-Temporary) visa or a Student visa with permission to work.

    If an Assessment Level 3 student provides evidence of funds to cover a further 12-month stay, the 'no further stay' condition is no longer mandatory.

    Students who are sponsored by the Commonwealth of Australia or the government of their home country may also be subject to a 'no further stay' condition. They will only be able to extend their studies in Australia if the sponsoring government gives written consent.


    I hope this helps..

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    Quote from ceridwenRN
    thanks angel_kat216. i'll try that number. you're doing the bp next year pa?
    Yep! I'm still at stage 1: IELTS.. hehe


    1: IELTS
    2: AHPRA application
    3: School application and enrollment
    4: Visa application
    5: Pre-departure and arrival
    6: BP
    7: Waiting period and receive license

    ^--- made by me so can let people know what's my current status..

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    Quote from glioblastoma

    hi Aking_skye! please don't be envious. i'm a nobody. anyway...

    (I) documents to be certified:
    diploma, TOR+RLE, board rating, and other academic qualifications

    (II) original documents sent by you:
    Curriculum Vitae
    Statement(s) of Service

    (III) original documents sent by PRC:
    certificate of good standing (buy the express one so you will get it on the same day)

    (IV) original documents sent by IDP:
    test report form of your IELTS

    (V) other needed documents:
    medical certificate (stating you are fit to practice)
    additional qualifications
    additional registration details

    note: have ALL photocopied documents certified even though those stated in (I) are the only ones needed to be certified, for the sake of OCD, and also this is an advice by AHPRA when i em-mailed them. so in short have (I) and (V) certified

    about the birth cert, i think you will only need this if you are an Au citizen...

    advice on NBI:
    cioman94: when you get an NBI, write in the application form that the purpose is for australian nursing registration glioblastoma: i got myself 2 NBIs, one for local and one for abroad. the rationale is that AHPRA asks if the applicant has a criminal record inside and outside australia
    best advice: combine both! haha! now you're really an OCD! whatever! choose whichever is more convenient for u! amen! :redpinkhe

    my proofs of identity:
    category A: australian tourist visa
    category B: phil passport; international driving permit (include also local driver's license and AAP membership card)
    category C: prc cert; prc license
    category D: bank certificate

    i think i did something wrong with my proofs of identity. i think i wasted PhP1800 for the intl driving permit. whatever! at least my organs and body parts have one year of insurance! ahihi!

    hi glioblstoma,

    With regards to the post above, I have a few questions I hope you can answer:

    1. Did you submit your documents in order? Like which goes first or on top, which should be last? May I know what you did?

    2. Should I staple related documents together for example PRC documents 1 attachment, school docs 1 attachment, and etc?

    3. Your proofs of identity for category A: did you really apply for a tourist visa?

    Can my proofs of identity be?
    A- passport
    B- foreign driver's license
    C- PRC license and cert
    D- SSS or TIN or Philhealth

    Thanks in advance!