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    Dear all,
    The TPN is a very critical mixture of various nutrients in varying concentration so it is hard to predict how will the body respond to it.
    Citing this point the early manifestation of the reaction is must, so it must be given peripherally but if given at peripheral site it may damage the vessels so it must reach the central blood flow.
    For this the TPN must be given through the PICC lines which start peripherally and give the indication of any adverse reaction before it is too late which is the chance that can happen with Central Line. and since it delivers the solution in high blood flow it gets diluted and causes no harm to blood vessels.

    So TPN must be given through PICC
    VYGON has a variety of PICC lines, even for the Preterm babies which is a 28 G catheter

    Apart from this it is said that the lipids must be given in dark as they are sensitive to light.

    but I don't know whether a ambercoloured extension line can help or not. please help me to find out whether the amber colored line helps in controlling the degradation of Lipids.

    Mumbai, Maharashtra