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    Yeah, my husband and I are planning to visit the Bay area as well as Southern Cali in the near future. We want to get a feel for what the two areas are like. It looks like rent and real estate are pretty high in both places...ugh. Thanks for the feedback!

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    Hey guys,
    Thanks for replying! I've done lots of reading today, this board has great info.! I'm beginning to feel that Kaiser may be my first pick, based on several factors including variety of clinical sites, quality of education/preparation, geographical location and obviously price. I appreciate your input! Some of you will be receiving PM's from me in the near future as I'm thinking about getting in my application before this year's deadline in November. Whew - the ride begins...:roll You guys are awesome!


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    Hi all-
    New to the list! I am currently working at Duke in the CardioThoracic ICU...getting in my ICU experience before I start applying to schools. My husband and I are considering moving to the California area in the next year or so, and hence I'm looking to go to school out there. I'm trying to compare Univ. of Southern Cal vs. Fullerton/Kaiser vs. Samuel Merritt. I've read some good reviews about Fullerton/Kaiser and Samuel Merritt, haven't heard much about Univ. of Southern Cal.

    Any personal reviews/helpful info. on the different schools that you guys could offer??