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    Thank you for all the advice Once this semester is over (monday for me) I plan on just hitting the books for the HESI. I'll keep you posted.

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    Quote from CaseyT
    Honestly, for me the A&P section was by far the most difficult, and from what I have discovered among my classmates, that is generally everyone's experience. I had actually JUST finished my A&P class for the program, literally days before the HESI and I came out of the class with a 102 average and still only scored an 83 on the A&P section; there was simply too much on there that I had never seen or heard of before that test, even after going through the HESI review book. It was kinda ridiculous really, I couldn't imagine having to take it WITHOUT an A&P class under my belt.

    As long as you pass the A&P section, just do your best to do well on the other sections. I scored 83 on the A&P, a combined 95 on the English composition and a 100 on the math. My total application score was 7.81/8...HOWEVER...I do have people in my class right now that got in with 6.6s and 6.8s...

    What was your other scores for the HESI? I can probably shed a little bit more light on it.....
    The combined English score was a 93, math 88 and A&P 68. I finished the A&P class about 3 or so months before taking the test and I can honestly say I guessed on a lot, most, of those questions. Like you said a lot of that stuff I had never seen/read or heard about. I made an A in my A&P class.

    I'm finding hard to study for the A&P section since there are sooo many things they could ask.

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    I'm taking my Hesi Dec 20th. What did ya think about the A&P part of the test?
    This will be my 2nd time taking the test, the 1st time I failed the A&P part by 2 points

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    So I don't have much experience (1yr next month) and I currently work in an assisted living dealing with dementia residents. It's been a great experience, and I have truly learned a lot but this is not want I want to do for much longer. I've tried my luck at all the big hospitals around and no such luck. Any suggestions? I'm currently taking my pre req's for the ADN, and plan on just applying for the LVN next month because I can't do this for much longer.
    I want to wake up and know I enjoy going to work

    Anywhere you all know where they might be hiring with only 1 yr experience? Any suggestions or words of wisdom are very much welcomed.

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    I was looking at UTMB's website a while back and I found a list of schools and the classes that would transfer to UTMB for the RN-BSN program.
    I am attending the Lone Star college system. I am planning out my classes for next semester but I can't seem to find this page!
    It's driving me nuts! lol

    Could someone link me to it???

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    Quote from CaseyT
    Hello all.

    I applied back in March for the upcoming Fall LVN program at LSC Kingwood and by the grace of God, I was accepted! Can't wait.

    For anybody who is getting ready to take the HESI, please, do not stress over it. It isn't as difficult as some make it sound. I am a terrible procrastinator so naturally, I ordered a study guide and never, NEVER got around to even opening it and I did great on the test.

    My total application score was a 7.81 out of 8. I haven't really had the chance to talk with anyone else who got accepted to get an idea of other peoples' scores, but as long as you get the full points for an "A" in your A&P class, and do fairly well on the HESI you should have no trouble at all getting in.

    Also, if you have any professors you did well with or got to know a little more personally, GET A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION!!! Doesn't have to be health field related, just do it. I got letters not only from my A&P teacher, but also from my history and psych professors. Also, write a cover letter to go with your application...a good one! Trust me, it makes a difference. You just may get put ahead of someone with a better score if they feel like you want it more and will appreciate and do more with the opportunity!

    Good luck to all! And if anybody has any questions at all don't hesitate to ask!

    Also @@Mittens. If you are planning to do the LVN to RN transition, I would strongly advise you avoid LSC North Harris. My mom and my sister have been through LSC nursing programs in the last 8 years or so, as well as my neighbor's wife and daughter and between them and the professors at Kingwood, I have heard nothing but bad about North Harris' programs, but LVN, RN and transition. They fill it up with 4-5 times the amount of students and instead of having 20-30 students they can concentrate on, work with and build relationships with, they literally work at weeding people out. It is not a good program at all.

    Thank you for all the info! I'll be taking the HESI on the 31ist and although I'm trying to worry about it, I am

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    Quote from mittens6395
    I am also applying to the LVN program at Tomball. I already completed the classes I need for the ADN program but decided to apply for the LVN. I want to start working part time after 2012 so I chose the LVN program to complete first.

    Hopefully I will be accepted into the program and then apply to the Transition program in Sept/2012 which starts in January 2013 (at NH). Its about the same total time but I hopefully will gain experience working as an LVN to have when I graduate with an RN. I've heard its sometimes hard for new grads without experience to get hired.

    How is everyone going about studying for the HESI?
    I'm taking the HESI August 31ist, and I'll be buying one of the recommended books to study off of. I also want to the the Transition program after this, but probably not until 2014 or so. When are you taking the HESI?

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    Quote from NCLEXEATER
    Did my LVN in Tomball 08. I can'tt really say much but to focus and study hard. LVN program is easy but stressful. Wish y'all the best in your application!
    Thank you! Was it hard for you to find a job once you were done?

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    Quote from michelleo0o
    I am thinking about applying. For the HESI entrance test is it just the reading in math section?
    You also test in A&P

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    I'm taking mine next month. I would also like to know what book to study off of?

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    Yay, finally someone responded. I'm a CNA right now. When are you taking your HESI and what was your grade in A&P? I'm taking my HESI on august 31ist and getting my CPR august 1st.

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    CaseyT what campus are you applying too? I will be applying to the Tomball campus next month. Your overall score seems great.

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    Anyone out there applying to Lone Star Tomball LVN program? Any advice from past or present students?
    I will be applying in late August/1st week of September and would love to chat with other hopefuls.