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    I hope you both are enjoying the program?? I am a current student ( 1st quarter ) and I am... its just alot of study and applying your SELF no matter that else is going on around you! Good LUCK!

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    I past the TEASE exam 2 weeks ago at the paramus nj lincoln tech location... I have been busy but I have my financial aid appointment this week. If all goes well I will be starting 3/31 full time. The TEAS exam has exactly what the above student said... mixed numers, fractions, addition, subtraction. It actually was not that bad.

    Is anyone going to be starting Paramus this March???

    I have read many negative comments but I came to the conclusion that I will have to work hard... its a 1 yr course. You would have to expect that.. its accelerated. I am going in with the idea that the teachers are not easy going and will have to take advantage of extra help everyday.... I know the course is alot.. but I need to get into the workforce before I turn 30.... and really want to working on my RN after... so this is going to have to work... I am going to make it work.