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    Quote from JaiJai
    Hey! I'm new to this site, but have been reading it for a few years now. So, I just landed my fisrt job in a step down ICU. I worked for a LTC home for a few months after i got my license (i needed a job, and no one was hiring) so even though i have had my license for about a year i consider myself a new grad. I was just wondering....DOES IT REAAALLLY GET BETTER?! i have only been on orientation for a week er so and although everyone has been suuuper nice, i cant help but beat myself up over everything (every little thing) that i forgot, or miss or cant do. i am not the best at drawing blood (we have to do it ourselves on weekends) and suck evem more at IVs, i miss more than i hit. and everytime i feel so incompeteant. everyone says it will get better in time. DOES IT? being a new grad or being just new is hard. i like the job, i just hate fumbling through report, trying to find everything, the paperwork, the blood draws i keep missing......truly, does it all come together?...eventually?
    Can someone please tell me wht does a pre-healthing screeing with the nurse is?