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    I wrote it on Wednesday too. I just had enough time to complete it! I'm surprised it took me so long! It never took that long in practice. It was brutal and I was quite drained at the end. I'm glad it's over and done with for now. I'm quite confident I did somewhere between 40% and 90%! lol

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    I'm also writing my CRNE next week. EEEK! I can't believe it's almost here. I was wondering if any questions in the CNA prep guide or the CRNE online readiness test actually make it to the exam?

    Also, I'm doing the exam in French (it's my first language and I studied in French) but I our ressources are so limited. :-( The only prep guide in French is the CNA one. I've been using the current and previous edition, just so I could have more practice questions. I also read the NCLEX guide and although the strategies are interesting, I found that many of them didn't translate well to the CRNE. I was thinking getting my hands on the Mosby guide, but I wonder if it will just confuse me even more since it's only in English and I'm writing in French. Anyone else in the same situation?