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    They started making offers yesterday Good luck to everyone and hope to see you in May!

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    Hi djoup, I am also interviewing for the externship at Mayo. If you dont mind me asking do you live in Phoenix and if so what school do you attend? Someone in my class recently completed the interview so I have an idea of what it should be like, no specifics though.

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    @Energizerbunny- My score was a 5.720 I assume because there wasn't a fourth digit.

    @SmilinJen- Did you get in at Mayo? Just wondering, I feel like I was the cutoff but they wouldn't tell me when I called.

    Really excited to meet everyone! I hope Mayo is a great experience

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    Azita I got in at Mayo and mine was 5.72, you should be good Congrats and see you soon!

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    How were you able to take the communications class at PVCC? I was told if the class was not complete by the application deadline it had to be taken at GCU (which = $2000) out of pocket. Was anyone else told this? I am a 2nd degree student who has never previously taken classes at GCU and was also accepted at St. Joes. Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

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    Mine is 5.72

    Good luck to everyone!!