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    fresh food vomit freaks me out! i'm erpping right along with them! n :imbar


    Quote from jenniebsn
    okay, people. it's time for a nice, fun, light-hearted discussion to blow off some steam.

    what freaks you out? what bodily fluid can't you stand? what wound gives you the absolute willies? it doesn't matter if you're an adn, bsn, lpn, cna, pqrst, abcdefg...every body gets the heebie jeebies over something...even you stomach-of-steel er nurses!

    mine is eyeball injuries/surgery...aaaaaaaaaackkkkkkk!! gross! makes my skin absolutely crawl. or when someone gets a little cut on their finger/toe/whatever and then squeezes it to make it bleed!! bleah!! then there's the ever-popular respiratory secretions. i can handle poop, pee, amniotic fluid, lanced boils, pus, whatever...but give me a nasty snot-filled trach, and i'm outta there.

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