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    Thank you! That is what I was hoping! Now do you think if I took the AANAC certification that it would help me get my foot in the door?

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    Hi everyone,
    I have read the forums for awhile, but just signed up. I have been a LTC nurse for about five years and I am interested in learning MDS. One thing is holding me back...meetings. I am fine speaking in one on one situations, but any more than 2-3 other people I become very nervous and it shows. Especially, if I am discussing something I am not completely sure of. I know there are care plan meetings and this is what is holding me back. My facility is small, and care plan meeting are very informal...the DNS/MDS and maybe a social worker or activity aid. Families hardly ever show up. I know this isn't the norm.

    How many people different people show up at your meeting? Does the MDS coordinator run the meeting?