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    Quote from scrubbee
    Question - have nurses always been as negative as they are on these boards? Is nursing in "real life" as negative as these boards are? I'm a student and looking for honest answers, not trying to offend anyone.
    You are going to find that anywhere you go in life and in nursing that there are going to be those people that just seem to hate life and hate their job and nursing altogether. You will always have those co-workers who seem to do nothing but complain about how they don't get paid enough for this job and how they are tired of this person doing that and that person doing this. Just remember, this career is what you make it and the only person that can bring you down is your self. I will tell you up front that you are going to have days where you are most definitely going to question your place in this career and feel like quitting, you are. Just remember that everybody has those days and that things will gradually continue to get better for you in your career if that is what you want and that is what you have your heart set on. And don't believe everything people tell you. Listen to what they tell you and then judge for yourself as best you can. The best judge of someone who is worth listening to is the person who's patients love them and they do their job well and genuinely like helping people and aren't just in it for the paycheck. Good luck and keep your chin up because nursing is a very rewarding career if you keep your heart in it.