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    Yes, I was accepted! Did you?

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    Just got my acceptance letter for oakwood spring 2011, so pumped!!!!

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    I would get the NLN study guide for the LPN test I would have been lost without it. I also would take the actual test as soon as possible so you know where you stand so your not as stressed going into the test when you really need to score high
    Apparently the lowest score they have let into the program in the last two years is a 94percentile.

    You can apply for the program once you are enrolled in or have completed all your prereq's. They give you the application before you take the test and make sure to ignore the deadlines on the application they give you, they are incorrect but they don't bother to tell you that. It almost made me apply for the summer program instead of spring because I thought I had missed the deadline to apply.

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    You need to ease up on the sensitivity. I started watching glee because of that line after someone sent me the youtube link. It is one of the funniest lines i have ever heard and it litterally made me cry.

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    got my scores today. 97 percentile. 48 on verbal, 31 on math, 43 on science.
    I applied for oakwood spring.

    I also heard that some people didnt get in with a 97. I hope its not the case this time around.

    What scores do people usually get in with? I remember the testing lady saying something about a 94?

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    What did you score (raw and composite) on your NLN exam taken on 1/6/2010 at lanier tech?

    Did you apply for spring or part-time summer?

    Oakwood or Forsyth?

    Do you think you got in to the program with you score?