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    Southern Indiana University

    Eastern Kentucky University

    University of Cincinatti

    Boise state University

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    Anyone waiting to hear from USI for fall 15 admission?

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    Anyone know if it is more "get to know you" or more clinical questions.

    Its only about 15 minutes over Skype. That's all I know.

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    Thanks for posting this, it pust me at ease. I am getting 75-85 on Saunders and about 61-65 on Kapplan. LaCharity I have been doing high 60's, but I am trying to just see the good in this and be happy that I have the opportunity to learn from these tests. I am grateful I have them at my disposal.

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    Wow, thanks for that. It was a great review for me.

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    Trying to see if there are any available dates without the ATT. Anyone know how to check this or do you have to have ATT?


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    I just sent in my licensing paperwork a week ago on Jan 14, 2011. I am a new nurse just graduated from a BSN program in the US, should be interesting to see how much extra clinical time they require from me. I already know I need the 3 week course, but the other stuff is unknown at this time.

    I know the language fluently, so that is not an issue for me.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Thanks Kassie, your words really do encourage me. It is much harder than I thought to devote this much time, energy and passion studying for the NCLEX. Thinking that 4 years of schooling will be deemed approved or not by a little test is nerve wracking.

    I will pray, not just when taking the test, but before I sit down to study every day as well.

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    Thank you for saying this. I never even gave it second thought to NOT keep score. It makes more sense now that I think about it to just study the material without writing a big lines through my answer. So frustrating to see so many lines on one page.

    I will try to just focus on material and not on numbers. Thanks, my spirits feel a little better now.

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    I graduated from a BSN program in Dec 2010. Started studying for NCLEX a couple of weeks ago. Mainly just doing NCLEX books. I have done the Kaplan book, Lacharity and now working on Davis Q and A for NCLEX-RN.

    I have done about 400 questions so far in the Davis book and every chapter I score in the 60's. The book says I should aim for 75-80 atleast.

    I am not smart enough for this test. I even got good/great grades in nursing school with a 3.8 GPA.

    I read all the rationals. The book has so many SATA and ordering questions and I SUCK at them. I want to just go get a job at WalMart or something. Ready to give up now.