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  • Mar 27 '15

    So, you were meeting with a professor because you're struggling with class, and she *gasp!* suggested that you make school your priority?! Outrageous! No, but seriously... IMO, she was giving you good advice - if you're struggling because you're stretching yourself too thin and prioritizing non-school related activities, then it would be logical to suggest that you shift your priorities (temporarily) while in school. I assume you were asking for her advice on how to succeed with school, and she offered you a perfectly reasonable opinion.

    As far as introducing religion into the conversation, well, here I think she was out of line. It's none of her business which religion, if any, you are affiliated with, and certainly none of her business to offer her personal opinion about it (assuming she was not asked for her opinion on that topic).

  • Mar 19 '15

    I'm a new PMHNP. I was a RN for a few years before becoming a NP, but I never worked in psych. I can see the point Jules is making about the value of previous psych nursing experience, but so far I've done very well in this role (I work outpatient and may have struggled more in an inpatient psych NP role). In my experience, this specialty is very much in demand and jobs are plentiful. Some of this is probably dependent upon where you live, but in my area there is a huge need for psych prescribers. I had several job offers when I graduated last summer. Additionally, all the psychiatrists I've met, including the ones I work with, have been very open to me as a NP and treat me as a respected colleague. I'm sure there are some psychiatrists who look down on PMHNPs, but that is true of other specialties as well. So far I'm very happy with this career path and have no regrets.