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    Quote from LoveToHike
    I haven't taken the math test yet. What can you tell me about it? Any advice?
    Are you talking about QLC1 or QMC1? Only advice I can give is do the math lab problems and practice, practice, practice. Also get feedback from the course mentors.

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    Quote from mizj
    RN-Kris, congradulations on your accomplishment. I'm considering WGU but have a question.
    What made you decide on WGU as opposed to say UTA/ a brick and mortar school?
    Just curious.
    Flexibility with work, WGU's competency model, the accreditation and low cost. I didn't need the brick and mortar model and WGU let me set my own schedule around work and life.

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    Quote from missjosieRN
    HI Kris,

    I'm starting WGU in Oct everything has been submitted. I'm extremely motivated, I graduated from with associates degree in May, and got my RN in July. Its extermely dissappointing that I've submitted my resume to so many places and not one call back. This is only making my motivation to finish the BSN greater! How long did it take for you to get the BSN?
    Congrats on your recent ADN degree and RN licensure. I also earned an ADN and waited 6 years until the job market basically forced me to get my BSN. The hospital I work at now requires it within 6 months of hire. It took me 17 months to complete my BSN at WGU. That was going at a steady pace while working.

    Best wishes!

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    Quote from kikididi
    Would love to hear about your experience with them. Did you have to buy books? What were exams like? How many papers did you write? Did you have a mentor? Im ready to hear it all !
    I bought books the first term for my Humanities class....otherwise all were found online through the course of study or in the WGU library.

    Exams, or assessments as they call them, depend on the class. For Humanities, Statistics and Algebra I sat at a proctored test center and took them on a computer. My home Internet was not reliable enough to use the WGU issued web cam. The rest of the classes required lots and LOTS of papers to write as your performance assessments. Invest in a good APA format template program. I used Dr. Paper to format my papers. There were also 2 PowerPoint presentations.

    Everyone has a mentor. You speak weekly at first, then every other after that if you are doing well. Listen to your Mentor's advice....they really do know best. Mine told me not to put Evidence Based Practice and Community Health Nursing/Practicum in the same term and boy was she right! I'd say those were the toughest classes overall. I saved my community health practicum for last.

    Best of luck to you!

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    I just completed WGU's BSN program. Feel free to post any questions and I'll do my best to answer

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    I started WGU-BSN program last April. Had to take Algebra, Statistics, Language and Communication Research in addition all to all the BSN nursing classes. I've moved along at a regular pace along with working full time. Hoping to be finished this summer.

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    I'm currently considering WGU for my BSN but am nervous about the whole competency pass/fail with a pass being a 3.0 thing. Has anyone encountered problems with this when looking at applying to other MSN NP programs?