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    [quote=GeauxNursing;2873285]Where do you live? I know nothing about having to be a CNA first. Well, I take that back, in the chronic unit, CNA is not a prereq for being a tech. In Texas, you do not have to be certified. My company is now requiring it, but in the next year I'll be an LVN so it doesn't apply to me. Being certified usually just means a small pay raise, but again, it may vary from state to state.
    In my typical day, here is what I do (again, this is a chronic dialysis unit, I am not referring to hospital dialysis.)

    I am a CNA with almost 1 year experience on a renal med/surg floor. i have recently been taking phlebotomy classes considering doing that by this summer. However now i have this offer of being trained to be a dialysis Tech. I do know i want to be a nurse but what area im unsure. Dialysis seems rewarding and stable but not sure if going to the clinic will benefit me more than staying @ the hospital. Please give any advise since you have the exp. and i am in Texas.

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    I understand, I have been a CNA now for a year and a half, i was full time @ hospital here in Texas and part time student while raising three kids, NOw im part time and school is full time. I am a 35 yr old male and have tried many trades but this has by far been one of the toughest. I remind myself every day #1 i am blessing to at least one person everyday, if that person is hurt angry or afraid, I will try my best to be the kind heart and smile that they need. So my work can be His work. #2 That this is my test and trial for my future career in Nursing so when i carry that RN i can say i worked hard for this and my CNA will know ive been there and be encouraged. #3 its hard but its a job there are too many out there without one to complain.

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    I dont know if the same but the college used a outside source todo backgrounds. they told me i was clear and could go on. Over the phone the BON sounded promising like its not going to stop me. But i hear stories about somebody gotta take lie detectors, apay for it

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    35 yr African american male recently divorced and father of three.CNA 2years will be Phlebotomist this June. Also will be finished rereqs in june havent decided if LVN or RN which ever calls first out of Temple Jr., Central Texas College, or Mclennan COmmunity College Thats the run down. and im hoping The BON is a promising as they said in the end about forgiving my 15yr old felony.